Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 16 -friends

Whats up losers!!! Just kidding kinda.  But really.  Whats going on in the usa??  Things are going pretty good here in Sheffield.  Except that it rains EVERY SCREAMING DAY.  Ha its great, I actually have grown to love the rain.  :)  But I realized that my last email was very short, and had like no details in it.  I apologize for that, and lets see if i can get some better info out this time.  So I am working in the Sheffield 1 ward (which is an english ward), and they are all pretty famous right now.  I don't know if you are familiar with the Slovakian branch here in Sheffield ( I will also explain a little about that later as well), but the Slovakian Branch originated out of The Sheffield 1 ward about 2 years ago.  So most of the members have callings to be in both wards.  I guess you could say that we are sister-wards:)  But yeah most of the members are pretty famous on and in the ensign and stuff.  It's great.  BUT they haven't had sisters in the ward since it first started, so Sister H and I are starting off fresh.  Also.  My flatmates (roomates) are Sister B and Sister B, and they are the sisters over the slovakian branch.  And since Sister H and Sister B are both Sister training leaders, they have to go on exchanges for 2 days every week.  Which then means that I get to be companions with Sister B for 2 days every week, and I work with the gypsies in the Slovakian unit.  (They videoed the unit and all over Sheffield 1 and about the gypsies, and they will be showing a video of it during conferance sessions in October.  So look out for it, and you will be able to see where I live, and who I work with ) :) :) :) :) I t is usually every Tuesday and Wednesday.  So that is actually really fun!!!  I love working with Sister B, seriously, she is the best and we just laugh and joke around and have a good time.  I learn a ton from her!!  IT was like the highlight of my week this past week.  They are all so nice and friendly.  And the gypsies LOVVVEE to hug you.  Haha even though I don't speak the language, I can actually pick up alot of what they are saying.  And I'm already learning some words.  This is just a personal thought, but I'm like almost positive that they derive from being jews.  No one really knows where they cam from, but they all have really wierd dreams, and so I think they are jews. :)  Okay so this week I have been sleeping a lot better!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO THANK YOU MOM AND DAD FOR CALLING THE MISSION HOME AND CHECKING UP ON ME. :) :) :)  Haha you guys are the best.  AND THANKS FOR SENDING THAT EYE PATCH AND EAR PLUGS, THEY WORK GREAT.  :)  Seriously, thank you so much.  I love you guys.  But also.  I GO T MY HARRY POTTER SHIRT THIS WEEK, SO THANK YOU SO MUCH, IT WAS THE BEST, AND NOW EVERYONE IS SO JEALOUS OF ME.  (actually they already were)  But anyways.  So we scheduled 2 investigators (Maria and Sophie, a mother and daughter) for baptism, for October 12th, but they are so sketchy, and ever since we scheduled them, it seems as though they have been trying to dodge us.  So we will see what happens, but I have faith that they will get baptized:)  plus, I'm very persistent and persuasive:)  Thats right sophie, bring it.  Jokes.  But listen to this fam.  I have had 3 different people now. OKAY 3, ask me if I'm from London?  Hahahahahah I don't get it at all.  Like its the weirdest thing.  I guess the way I  look and dress and even talk makes people think that I am from london?  I guess I'll take it, cause Emma is from London, and so is Marina. SO JOKES ON THEM.  But that is a big confidence boost.  Also, next week for p-day we are going with a bunch of other sisters to go and see MR. DARCY'S HOUSE FROM PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!   I'm really really excited for that.  It's like the closest thing to a castle down here in the south.  But ya I'll take loads of selfies.  So listen to this story about miracles.  So I have noticed that the more you pray for specific blessings and things to happen, the more specific God answers you.  So,we have been praying for miracles to happen, and to strenghten our faith, okay right.  So everybody has signed up to have us over for tea, some people even 2 nights in a row (bless their hearts), and honestly, I am having a hard time getting used to the food.  They are so sweet in trying to feed me, and be nice.  And so lately I have been praying for God to help me be able to eat this new food,  and seriously guys, IT WORKS.  Like yesterday, I normally would have not been able to eat my meal and it was still hard, but i somehow miraculousy was able to eat the food.  I know that eventually I will like it.  Prayer works, and even though its in small ways, God cares about us.  There's my little missionary moment of the week haha.  But really, I love it here in sheffield, and I love being a missionary.  I miss home so much, but there is nothing quite like being here.  I feel closer to my family more now, than ever before.  I love you guys so much, and thanks for all you do!!
 Sister Staheli

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