Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Yo Yo Fam Jan. 27, 2014

Yo yo what up fam!  Okay so this week was a good one!!  So before I start, I had an interview with President Pilkington on Thursday at one of our meetings, and right after the closing prayer, he told me to write to my mom on monday and tell her how much President Pilkington loves her.  He said that he doesn't even know my mom, but he likes her already because of how she raised me and because she sent me here to Leeds.  Hahaha so there ya go mom, President really likes you.  I LOVE PRESIDENT, HE IS SO AMAZING!!  Really, he is such an inspired man.  He is great.  Last p-day, he called us and was just asking how we were doing, and he told us that he was going to take Sisters out of Louth just because the area is such a mess, but he felt like he should put us here, and he is so happy he did.  So yeah, a lot the work that Sister Scott and I do is just cleaning this area up and rebuilding the member relations and stuff.  But yeah its going great.  So ya, on thursday we had a Zone meeting and President instructed there, so it was really entertaining and fun to be around other missionaries, cause sister Scott and I are so far away from everyone.  Even though we are the only sisters in our zone, it was still refreshing to see other people.  It has been so rainy here!!  Like it hasn't stopped raining for like WEEKS.  Srsly.  Its so wet.  And, its becoming dangerous because we are by the coast so it already has really bad flooding and so everyone is freaking out.  The rain has made this week quite difficult actually, because for starters, it made me sick.  I have had a really bad cold since like wednesday, and so we actually haven't really had all that much time to actually work.  Cause I got sick, and then Sister Scott got sick. hahahaa.  So yeah.  I think we are finally on the rebound and are going to be able to work this week.  Hopefully:)  So N is doing so good, and President loves him and he calls him sometimes just to see how he is doing.  So thats great.  He is still working on his challenges.  And P is doing great as well.  He is living all the commandments and is so ready for baptism, but he just needs to come to church!!  As soon as he comes to church, he will get baptized.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TANGLED AND FOR THE TIGHTS.  It really came in handy when we were stuck in the flat this past week.  thanks:)  But on the up-side, I have been able to get some studying done for my super super hard driving test that i'm freaking out about. haha.  I have to read this huge book, that I have no time to read and do all of these practice tests and stuff.  I still have like 3 or 4 weeks until I take my test, but still I'm stressing ha.  Sister Scott is so great!"!!!  Seriously I love her so much!!  I am so grateful that I get to work from her!  It doesn't feel like I'm working with my companion at all, it feels like I'm just living with one of my best friends!  And seriously, she is like one of my best friendS!!  We just laugh and laugh and laugh about everything.  We have the same sense of humor and Sarcasm so it works really well.  WE have a lot of fun together!  Anyways, things are going great here!  And by the sounds of it, we might be getting a car soon so that will be even better!!  Oh ya, I forgot to tell you last week!  2 p-days ago we got so bored so Sister Scott cut my hair...haha it actually looks pretty decent.  I might let it grow out a bit more and then I'll go get it styled.  But hey I love you guys so much, and I'm still waiting on those HANDWRITTEN LETTERS family:) :) :)  LOVE YOU!!


Hello!!  Okay first off.....FAMILY WHAT THE HECK.  I haven't received a letter from you guys since like November!  Its been like 3 months!  Come on!!!  Write me gosh dang it!!  Okay thanks. :)
Okay so this week has been pretty busy and interesting.  We have done a bunch of finding.  Which has shown to be pretty successful, cause we found 1 new investigator this week, and found a bunch of potentials that we will be seeing this week.  So yeah it has been great, and now we both feel like we are familiar with the area and the members and we actually have our feet on the ground. 
-So we found N this week.  It was actually a great story!  So I was kinda getting sick of finding all day long, so I prayed really hard that we would have an opportunity to do some service that day.  So while we were out, both sister Scott and I felt like we should go visit a member that lived close by that neither of us really knew that well.  So we stopped by and it was so perfect, cause she was like all stressed cause she needed to get like all of these boxes moved and into the other room, and she has a bad back, so it was like so inspired that we were there so that we could help her move the boxes.  PRAYER ANSWERED.  And then like after 15 minutes the worker guys who she was waiting for to do some stuff showed up, and she was super stressed, and then her phone rang and it was her friend N.  And N had taken lessons from missionaries previously, and had been coming to church like 1 out of every 4 weeks for the past 8 or 9 months.  So she just told him that she was sending the missionaries over, and to expect us.  So we went over there and got to know him a bit, and talked to him.  He has some challenges, but he is great.  He is hilarious.  He is 56.  So then he came to church and I was like cracking up hahaha. President and Sister Pilkington came to speak to our branch on sunday and it was amazing.  Honestly I just love them so much.  Seriously.  But it was funny, cause Sister Scott plays the piano for sacrament meeting cause there isn't anybody else that can do it ha.  But she chose like the loudest like most motivation songs ever, Cause N, he loves to sing.  And So the last song was HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION, and verse 7 was SO FUNNY cause Neil was liike screaming it.  haha I'LL NEVER NO NEVER NO NEVER haha oh my gosh and President Pilkington just loves him and gave him a hug after Sacrament meeting and he told him that he would speak at his baptism if he got baptized.  So yeah it was really great.
-The people here are like either super super nice or super super rude.  There is no in between.  but the nice people definitely out-weigh the bad.  There are some really great people here!!
-Louth is like super super posh.  The houses are huge compared to Sheffield, and so big.  There are some little villages that when i'm walking through them i feel like i'm walking through Downton Abbey.  its really beautiful here.  And there are lots of really old churches and stuff.  Its a really old town.
-The Sister Training leaders were on exchange with us this week, and so it was nice to be able to be with other missionaries.  haha We are so isolated and so far away from everyone that we hardly ever see any other missionaries.  So it was fun!
-Have you guys ever seen Frozen??  Anyways, I'm obsessed with it, and the music is so good.  We listen to it everyday non stop. 
-Happy birthday to my nephew Jonah!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!  I'll be expecting to get some letters from you soon!  Love you!

Jan. 13. 2014

Hiya!!  Oh my goodness this week has been a great one!!  So I am now with Sister Scott in Louth, and it is so great!  Sister Scott is so fun!!  I love her so much!  We are just so alike, and we just click.  We have the same taste in music and in our humor, So we have a lot of fun together!!  So on Wednesday it was Transfers, so I got to go to Leeds so that Sister Sewell could go to her new area, and it was so nice to be able to see all of the other sisters!  I was able to see Sister Edgington and Sister Hooker, which was really fun, cause I haven't seen them in a few months.  And ya it was just nice, especially since Louth is so far away from anything, that the only time that Sister Scott and I will see more sisters will be at Zone conference. haha.  But it has been great!  So the big news for the week.................Drum roll please.......So on Friday, President called me and told me that he wanted me to start working on my Drivers license!!  Which is a rare thing.  Well, usually missionaries drive, but they drive under their USA license which allows them to drive for 1 year, but he wants me to take the test and everything so that it will be an actual license.  The only other Sister from the states to have gotten her driving license was Sister Burningham who just went home.  And well the weird thing is that I can't even get my license till I have been in England for 6 months.  So I still have some time, but I'm supposed to start studying for this huge driving test and stuff.  They sent me all of the paper work and stuff to fill out.  Its stressing me out a bit because the AP's said that Louth isn't getting a car, so that means that President already knows whats going to happen with me in the next few months.  I don't know haha its driving me nuts, but I'm super super super super super excited to drive!!!  I can't wait!!!!!!!!!  But since I have to get my license, it will cost about 100 dollars, so I'm sorry parents.....:)  But yeah that was exciting!!  The weather here has been so weird.  Really really weird. (People here LOVE to say the word weird and awkward hahahaha its funny).  Like sometimes its like a huge storm with rain and wind and rain and wind and flooding and stuff, and other times its pretty warm.  Its like extremes.  Its right weird.  But everyone is freaking out about the flooding, cause its the worst flooding for like 50 years.  Louth needs so much help!  The members here are great, but there aren't that many of them, and like half of them are elderly and the other half are less active.  So we definitely have a lot of work to do here.  President even told me that he sent me here to clean up the branch.  So yeah its been a bit stressful, cause everyone is expecting us to get the work moving here.  But its great.  WE are trying our hardest!!!  But its a blast!!!  M and M, 2 of our new investigators are so solid, they have already read through 2 nephi and it has only been like a week.  So thats exciting.  And well P, is just amazing.  He is so prepared its crazy.  Anyways, the work here is going great.
Lately I have been studying Enduring to the End, and it has really made me think.  I hate that term so much.  We are not put on this earth to just endure whatever lies ahead.  We are here to make the most out of every situation, and to be happy!  To ENJOY ourselves!!  Thats what our Heavenly Father wants for us!  So I've decided to change that phrase from Enduring to the End, to ENJOYING to the End.  And thats what life is all about. :)
I love you all!! have a great week!

Jan. 7. 2014-Transfers??

HELLO THERE!!!!!!!!!!  OH my goodness this week has truly been a crazy one!  Okay so lets jsut start off with the juicy news that I know you are all dying to hear.  So transfer calls were last night, and I am staying in Louth!!!!!!!!!!!  BUT......Sister Sewell is getting transferred up north to Stanley.  My new companion is Sister Scott, she is from Arizona and she came out the same time as Sister Beesley.  We followed her blog, remember?  Anyways, I'm super excited but kinda really freaking out.  I feel like I am white washing all over again, and in a way I am.  I have no idea where anything is, and I have only met like 2 members.  So I'm grateful for this opportunity again, but I'm kinda stressed.  Haha I'm taking over the area that I have only been in for like a week.  So we will see how these next few months go. HAHA.  But the members that I have met are so great.  They love the missionaries.  It is a pretty small branch, yet the area is huge.  The branch is like split-half of them are super old and the other half are children. ahah its great!  I really love the area!!  I was able to go to the coast this week, and have lunch there.  It is so beautiful!!  I took some pretty pictures, but I forgot my camera, so ya'll will have to wait until next monday for pics.  sorry:)  It rains like ten times more over here closer to the coast, and the wind is so STRONG.  Seriously, I thought it was bad in Sheffield, but it is crazy here.  And the villages over by the coast (Sutton-on-sea and Mablethorp....look them up cause they are tourist towns and are so pretty) are like constantly on flood warnings haha.  But its so great!  The accent here is much easier to listen to then in Yorkshire, I can actually understand what people are saying:)  And people here still ask  me why my accent doesn't sound American.  I don't know....its weird.  But Yes, we have been doing quite a lot of finding this past week.  I actually really like to go knocking now, the people are alot nicer here than in Sheffield!  Since the other sister that was here was hurt, they had to stay in for like 5 weeks straight, meaning that the area is pretty dead.  We have 1 investigator named P, and he is so great.  He is solid, and has overcome a lot of things, and he is still interesting in baptism.  If anyone is prepared, its him.  But I'd  have to say that the biggest miracle was a referral we received from the misson office.  We went and stopped by and set up a return appointment and we taught them last night.  Their names are M and M.  They are married and I would say in their late 50's?  But it was her sister who lives in the states that referred her.  It was a great lesson, and the spirit was definitely there.  I'm pretty excited to see where it goes with them.  Anyways, that's basically my week.  I have been studying Endure to the End, and I have changed the title to Enjoy to the End, cause thats what life is all about.  Being able to not only endure through life and the experiences we go through, but to enjoy ourselves and have fun doing it.  I hope you all have a great week, I love you all!!!! 
oh ya and my new address is:
5 Old School Court
Eastfield Road
LN11 7AH
Love ya:)
-Sister Staheli