Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Transfer day to Louth

                                                    Brother and Sister Allen with Sister Staheli
                                                        on transfer day!  A tearful goodbye.

I've been Emergency Transferred!!!

Well hello my dear family!!  Oh my goodness it was so amazing to see your faces, it seems like it was forever since I've seen you and it was so nice to see you and talk to you guys!!  So it has been a weird/crazy/unexpected week.  So it was Christmas eve, Christmas, and then boxing day, so were hardly able to work this past week.  And then as you guys already know due to Sister Allen emailing you, on Saturday President called me and explained to me that a sister had to go to get surgery and he needed me to go to Louth.   And he needed me there the next day.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh.  So that was a complete shock.  I may or may not have shed a tear or two when I realized that I'd have to leave Sheffield. But I packed my things and we cleared our day so that we could go say goodbye to people and members.  Luckily I was able to go to sacrament meeting yesterday so that I could say goodbye to all of the members.  There were a few that were on holiday, so I couldn't say goodbye, but I have faith that I will serve there again:)  The bishopric asked me to share my testimony about the things that I have learned so far on my mission, and as I was bearing my testimony, there were a few people that were crying, and that made me even more sad.  Haha not to mention that Sister Allen would cry every time I was around her.  It was hard to leave Sheffield cause of all the close friendships I have made with the members, other missionaries (sister beesley, sister and elder allen, my companions), and people I teach but I'm SO EXCITED TO BE SERVING HERE IN LOUTH.  Louth is the most southern part of the mission, and it is right along the coast.  So its pretty cold and windy here. haha.  And other missionaries call Louth the outer darkness, because its so far away from anywhere else.  Its like 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Sheffield, and like 2 and a half from Leeds ha.  And it is a branch instead of a ward, and there are about 50 members, and like half of them are elderly??  So I have a lot of work that I have to do!!  Um, my new companions name is Sister Sewell.  She came out the same time as Sister Beesley, so since April?  And she is from Texas, and she is 26 years old.  She is great.  From what I have heard so far, the public transport system here is a joke.  There are 3 buses that run, and they travel to about 3 of the 25 villages that are  in our area.  So it makes it really hard to travel to those areas.  From what I understand, those areas have never been worked ever.  But there is no way to get there.  OH ya I almost forgot.  So  since the buses are really inefficient we have to walk most places, but we have.......BIKES.  They bought them from an auction or something, so we will be riding those as often as we can with the rain/wind/snow. ha.  But its kinda fun to change it up.  When President called me, he said he didn't know what would happen to me at transfers, which are next week (so p-day will be on tuesday), so I'm interested to see what will happen if I will stay or if I'll go somewhere new all together, which is kinda what it sounded like on the phone.  But I don't know.  But Sister Sewell has been here her whole mission.  But yeah, Louth is gorgeous, it is what everyone pictures when they think of England, just with 50 more pubs haha.  But it is super old buildings and cobble stone and its so cute.  I'm excited to get to work!
Nicola will be getting baptized this Friday, so I'm so excited for her!!  And Meha and Anand are so close to baptism, so I'm so happy for them!! 
KIM MARIE BISHOP- I hope you had a fantastic birthday on the 20th, and I hope that you got lots of presents.....coughandycough.....
Anyways, I love you all so much, and I'm so grateful that I was able to see you guys.  I have the best family ever!! Oh and for now, just send all letters and things to the mission office, cause I don't know what will be happening!! I love you all and have a great week!!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Ho ho ho hoho.  Hiya love!  I think the Yorkshire accent is rubbing off on me, or at least I hope that it is!  haha.  Okay so this week has been a crazy one as usual, and it has been so much fun!  All of the weeks kind of blurr together, so I'm not exactly 100 % confident that I can remember everything that happened this week alone, but I am having a really great time!!  We have been so busy lately. 
-I am still in the trio, with Sister Hedstrom and Sister Boldbaatar, and things are going great.  We are basically like an international companionship.  We are all very different, but we have the same goal and we are finding a way to work together and have fun while doing it!!
-I have been having nightmares lately, because transfers are coming up and I kind of think that its going to be me leaving, but I don't want to leave!!   I LOVE SHEFFIELD, and I want to stay here my whole mission!!  Seriously, I never want to leave.  I love the people here, plus this is my home. 
-Last monday we had our Zone Christmas party and that was a blast!!!  And then on thursday we had our mission Christmas party, well at least with everyone from the southern part of the mission.  Which was a blast, cause I got to see some high school friends.  And it has been such a fun week cause I have been able to hang out with Sister B a bunch.  She's great, and we have both started praying that at some point we will be companions. 
-The ward is so amazing, I love them so much!!  They have spoiled us so much this past week!  They have given  us so much presents, but most of them are like nice chocolate stuff.  So instead of eating them all, we are re-gifting them hahahah.  It is a win-win situation.
-Oh yes, this is a question for you mom and dad- Do you by chance have a picture at my baptism??  If you have it, then I would really love it!!!  Also, if dad has any baptism pictures from his mission, then I would love those as well. 
-NICOLA:  Nicola is doing so great and she has progressed so much!!  Honestly.  I can literally see the physical change that this gospel has made in her.  And that is what this gospel does to people, it changes them.  For the better.  But she has given up smoking, and her nicotine spray, and she came to church yesterday and she is so excited for her baptism.  haha.  She even went out and bought a new skirt to wear to church.  She already asked Brother Allen to baptize her.  The date for her baptism is still up in the air, because she may or may not be giong to Spain at the end of this week.  But if she doesn't go to Spain (WHICH IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR) then she can get baptized next Saturday.  Which would really be great, cause then Sister H can I could have a baptism together before transfers.  But she is so cute, and she reads so much from the Book of mormon, and she understands it which is a big deal.
-We met this man named David and he is from Ireland.  He met with missionaries, (only 2 times) about 2 years ago, but then they just stopped coming.  When we met with him, he told us that his son, who is 13 and lives down in London, is a member, and is gathering some family history so he can take it to the temple.  He is so great.  We have only met with him twice, but I have a really good feeling about him.  Plus the way that God works in other peoples lives is so amazing.  It blows my mind.
-We were finally able to meet with M and A again after them being away for a while, and it was great.  They really benefitted from hearing Sister B conversion story, as her background isn't a Christian one either.  They told us that they believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as their Savior and the Son of God, but they face heavy family opposition.  So that's a bummer.  Please pray for them.
-I have to say that I am becoming a really good english teacher!!  I have 3 students whose english has improved so much already:Sister H- her english is so good now, Sister B work in progress, but getting a lot better, and Sister G-I have been helping her with her grammar, and it is tons better.  haha I think my english is getting worse though.
As it is coming up towards Christmas, I have had the opportunity to really think about the birth of our Savior quite more frequently.  And it has been so amazing.  I love to read the stories in the scriptures about Jesus Christ, and about the miracles he performed.  I have been trying to really imagine Jesus Christ as my personal savior and older brother, rather than just a story that I preach to people on the street.  The story of his birth is so amazing, and it has built my testimony so much.  Without Christ we are nothing, and we couldn't accomplish anything.  He is everything to me, and to all of us.  I love in Luke 2 where it tells the story of his birth.  My favorite part is in verse15 and 16. 
15 :And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepards said one to another, let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us./
16: And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.
The sheperds made their journey's with haste to bedside of the baby Jesus.  And that is perhaps one of the best models for me in my life.  We all need to hasten our journey to the side of Jesus Christ.  We need to be there to be his followers and his supporters.  Christmas time is the best time of the year, we all need to have more of the CHRISTmas spirit.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I am going to hasten my journey and help hasten other peoples journey as well.  I am so grateful to be a missionary,and to be helping out in this great cause.  I love you all and I hope that you have a very happy Christmas (its how they say it in Harry potter)
-Sister Staheli

Monday, December 16, 2013

Caroling on the Streets of Darnall/ Ward Christmas Party

Ward Christmas Party
Sis Allen,  Sister Staheli, Sister H.  Sister B
These pictures are courtesy of Sister Allen 

Dec. 16, 2013

-So lets just start off by saying.....I'M TRAINING!!  Yep you got that right, on Tuesday night we were in a lesson with one of our new investigators Kennedy, and we got a phone call from President, and he was just calling to tell us that we were getting a new companion that we would be co-training, and that she would arrive in the morning.  So we were like freaking out cause its mid-transfer and we were so surprised.  Anyways, the next day at the mission tour ( mission conference where someone high up in the church comes and talks to us all day- this time it was someone from the area 70) we were sitting down and we were pumped, and then we got our new companion!  Her name is Sister B, and she is from MONGOLIA.  She just barely got out of the MTC, her english is getting there, and she looks like Mulan. :)  Anyways, she is so great, and it is really a great experience training someone.  It was a little stressful, cause Sister H has to go on exchange quite a bit, so she is like coming and going and coming and going all the time, and its hard to plan our crazy schedule around exchanges and train sister B (I can't really say it that great, so I just call her sister b hahahah).  Anyways, my bbg ( sister b cause she is my daughter) is hilarious.  She is great, and she has only been a member for 3 years.  She is amazing and I love her.
-The mission tour was amazing, it was so great and so inspired.  I love being a missionary!! 
-Here are some questions that you keep asking me mom, and I keep forgetting to answer you, haha so here they are:  Sister Pilkington is so sweet and nice, they are super busy with everything, but they are so amazing.  There are no homeless people here in England, because of the way that the government is set up.  Everyone gets benefits, even if they don't work and are immigrants.  So ya, no homeless people.  Majority of the buses are double decker buses, just like in HARRY POTTER, especially here in the city.  We usually ride buses, trams, and trains.  And thats all I can think of off the top of my head, so I hope that answers some questions mom.
-I have had a cold this week, so I haven't been feeling all that great.  i think its cause I'm kinda stresssed about training, plus its like freezing and the wind doesn't help.  But i think i should be getting over it soon.
-On Saturday we had our ward christmas party and it was a MIRACLE.  Listen to this!...So we had our investigator N come, and she came! #miracle.  We had our investigator H come, and we had a great lesson with the members with her, and the members LOVE HER. #miracle.  We had one of the less-active members that we have been working with-S- come and bring her daughter who is not yet a member, and they had a great time. #miracle.  One of the ward's recent converts brought her neighbor Jan who we have been working with a bit, and it was great, and she wants to see us this week. #miracle.  And last but not least, another less active woman came who we have been working with-T- and she brought her friends with her, and we have been talking with them a little.  And they told us to come by on Wednesday.  #OHMYGOSHITWASAMIRACLE.  But really, Heavenly Father blessed us so much this week, and so we have a lot of work that we have to do in the next few weeks!!!
-N is progressing so much its so great!  She is going to Spain for a week and half for the holiday., but she will get baptized on the 11th or something of January.  She's so great!!
-We went Caroling on Saturday morning with some other missionaries, and it was so much fun.  I mean I'm no singer, but it was so great!!  
-Today we are having a Zone Christmas party, and it should be great!!
-This Thursday we are having a mission Christmas party, so I'm pretty excited for that!
-FAMILY:  What time would be best to skype on Christmas?  Because of the time difference, it will probably be early in the morning for  you guys, but what would be the earliest that we could skype??  I'm excited to see your cute faces:)
-I think that I may want to be an English teacher when i go home, because I am teaching both of my companions the ways of English. :)
-Anyways, things are going so great here!!  I love Sheffield, and I love the ward that I am serving in, and I love training!!  Being a missionary is the best, especially during this Christmas season, I would want to spend it no other way then spreading the love of my Savior Jesus Christ.
  Anyways, I love you my dear family and friends, and I'm so grateful to be a part of God's kingdom here on Earth.  We are all so blessed.  Have a great week!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec. 9, 2013

Ho ho ho ho.  Today Sister H and I put up our Christmas tree, that Kim Wilson gave us.  Its so cute, and it looks like the one that Charly Brown has:)  Anyways.  Hello:)  How is my family and friends doing??  Man this week was crazy and cold hahah.  A good combo. :)
-So I have been totally trying to write this home to ya'll, cause I know how much you want to know about the words that they use here, but I usually forget.  But I wrote  them down this time, so I wouldn't forget.  okay lesson number 1: They use the words PROPER and RIGHT like all the time.  For example:  that presentation was RIGHT depressing.  next example: That picture is PROPER BRILLIANT.  I don't really know.  Haha but I think it is pretty catchy and I find myself saying them all the time now.  So there ya go dad.
-So a miracle happened this week, and its pretty funny.  So like 3 months ago we met this man in town, and his name was P.  He was pretty interested so we set up an appointment with him right then.  But he never showed.  Sister B and I waited for like 15 minutes and then we left.  So anyways we ran into him again last Sunday night, and he said that he was bummed cause he was late from work and he was like 20 minutes late to our appointment, but we weren't there.  So then we set up another appointment for Tuesday.  Anyways, haha he was like running to  our appointment cause he didn't want to miss us again.  Bless him.  And then he like really really really wanted to buy us something to eat for some reason.  But we told him we weren't hungry, and we just wanted to share our message with him.  Anyways, some how he convinced us to allow him to buy us some drinks, and he really wanted us to get coffee, and he was like super offended when we told him that we couldn't drink it.  Haha he is a great man, and we are meeting with him again on Tuesday for some more drinks.  He seems pretty interested.
-So I am not sure if I have told you about our new ward mission leader?  Anyways, his name is Roger Stanton, and he is super enthusiastic about missionary work.  Last time he was the ward mission leader he had 54 baptisms.  So ya.  But I came up with this idea where we get a picture of a ward member and their testimony of the Book of Mormon, and we hand it out with our Book of Mormon's.  And so Brother Stanton has gone crazy with the idea, and has made us like these laminated bookmark things.  They are super effective and really cool to hand out.  Great idea.  #pointtostaheli
-Oh yes mother and father, I got the fleece tights and under armour and the orange and the green scarf like 2 or 3 weeks ago, I just forgot to tell you.  They work great, and I'm obsessed.  I have to use them like every day:)  So thank you.  And also I recieved my Christmas package, and it took all the self control that I have not to open it, but I did.  And I'm proud of how strong I am. hahah jk.  But I just shoved it under my bed so I didn't have to look at it.  but I'm excited:)
-Oh yes mother this ones for you:  could you get into my gmail account and forward me any emails that seem important or that I'd like to have?  Thanks:)
-CHELSEA, ARE YOU OUT THERE??  This one is for you.  So the Allen's, their cousin was the Doctor at the Jerusalem center around 3 years ago.  And his name is Doctor Allen.  Is that when you were there?  If so, the Allen's were there the same time as you.
-Speaking of the Allen's.  They are great.  I love them so much, I feel like they are my 2nd parents, cause they are always feeding us and looking after us, and I just love them so much!!
-So I still go on exchanges with Sister G in Rotherham, her new companion is Sister S (she is from sweden as well).  And Sister B is training.
-The mission has now started handing out the Ensigns each month, so there is no more need to mail them to me any more.  Thanks though kim:)
-There was a HUGE rain/wind/rain/wind storm this week and it made it hard to go out.  A bunch of the buses stopped running cause it was so bad.  It was pretty fun. 
-So things with K have been a little hectic.  She is now back together with her partner, who is totally against the church.  And he is like possessive of her, so it makes it hard to see her regularly.  But she is still cutting down on smoking, and she should be ready to be baptized on the 28th of this month.
-N.  I don't know if I have told you about her.  She is one of our investigators that we have been teaching for a while now, and she is so accepting of everything that we teach.  She is amazing.  And she wants to get baptized on January 3rd.  
-M and A have been in Bradford all week, cause A family live up there.  But I still love them, and they are great.  And they have started a great relationship with Brother and Sister Wilson.
-Anyways, I am short on time today, but I love you all so much!!!  Things are going great here in Sheffield.  And its even better that its Christmas time.  What better way to spread Christmas cheer, then spreading a message of Jesus Christ?  I love you all and I want you all to know that I know that my Savior lives and that he died for us.  I love you!  Have a great week!

Dec. 2, 2013

Yo yo ho ho ho.  So this week was pretty great!  It flew by as usual, and it was pretty busy.  So i'll just get straight to it.  
-So i'd say that the biggest miracle that happened this week was yesterday at church.  So we have been working a couple named A and J (i'm not sure if I've told you about them or not?)  Anyways, A served a mission, but he has been less-active for a couple years now.  And he is living with his partner, J-who is an investigator.  Well we have been working with them for quite a long time now, with the Allens.  And they always tell us that they will come to church, and then they never do.  BUT last week, they both came so that was great!!!!  And so we weren't really expecting them to come this week, but just as Sacrament meeting was starting, in walks J.  We expected A to walk in beside her, but he didn't.  It was just her that came.  WHICH IS GREAT.  Cause we want her to find the gospel for herself, not for her partner.  So that was great.  And then the lesson in gospel principles class was on ETERNAL MARRIAGE hahahahahahahahaha so that was just what she needed.  Anyways, it was a miracle.
-K also came to church, and it was great.  She has picked Christmas day as the last day for her to smoke.  She has already cut in half the amount she smokes per day.  But i'm a little worried, cause she just got back together with her old partner (the one who hates us and looked up a bunch of anti-mormon stuff online, and he thinks we are a cult) So i'm a tad worried, but I know it will all work out.
-M and A, are doing so so so great.  We had a great lesson with them this week on the Plan of Salvation.  Which was really important to them.  I'm not sure how much you know about Hindu's, I still don't know all that much, but Ido know that they believe in reincarnation, so it was a really spiritual lesson, and they had a ton of questions about the animals and spirits and resurrection and stuff.  I don't know how well we answered all their questions, but they are great.  They have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, and they read all the chapters in the Book of Mormon that we leave for them.  And I honestly just love them so much!!  Seriously. 
-The Allen's are awesome, they bought me a new watch cause mine broke:)
-So it was thanksgiving this week, and we had like a brunch meal at Brother Stanton's house (he is our new ward mission leader, and he is great) and so he fed us some turkey.  But then we had like a super crazy crazy day and so we didn't have time to go back to our flat and get some food, so we decided to just try one of the dodgy little restraunts.  So Sister H wanted to try some chinese, and it looked pretty good so we did.  But it gave me food poisoning:(  At least I think it did, cause it kept me up all night throwing up.  I am not sure what it was, but the next day I felt great, and I feel just fine now,  but ya no more chinese for me. 
-Since we are the only missionaries living downtown in Sheffield, we meet soooooooomany chinese students, and we keep hooking up the Chinese speaking sisters with refferals.  They are great, and one of them this week asked to have her picture taken with me. :)
-I have been thinking about my mission so far and kinda reminiscing a bit, and I have learned so much!!!  I really have learned more than I ever thought that I could.  So much about myself and about my Savior.  But I have kinda narrowed it down to 2 major things that I've learned so far. 
1.  I have learned what kind of role this gospel will play throughout the rest of my life. 
2.  I have learned what kind of role I play in this gospel, and will play throughout the rest of my life.  

This gospel is so important, and it is the only thing that we can really count on in this life.  Our Savior Jesus Christ has given us all the ingredients to receive exaltation.  Its up to us whether or not we are going to act with the ingredients we have received.  Keep going, and in this Christmas season, go to the temple: :) :) :) :)
-Sister Staheli

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well hello there family!!  I hope everyone out there in the states will have a great thanksgiving!!!!!  So this week has been an interesting week to say the least!!  Well first to start off, it was transfer calls last night, and wait for it wait for it.........I GET TO STAY IN SHEFFIELD WITH SISTER H FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER!!  Yeah I'm super stoked about it!!  We have some good investigators, and it would be really great to see them get baptized together.  So that is what is going to happen this next transfer.  That and well Christmas.  :) :) :) So anyways, ya.  Since I will be staying in Sheffield, I will continue to be on the look out for any long lost relatives, don;'t you worry!!  
-So last week we met this guy on the street, his name is Abel.  yes, like Cain and Abel.  Anyways, he told us that he didn't go to church, and that he did believe in Jesus, and he would like to come to church.  So we were super stoked, right?  Okay well this week, we had a lesson with him, and we brought our new ward mission leader with us, and it was interesting. hahahahahahah.  Okay so when we got there, we see all of these crosses hung up and all of these pictures, and he ends up being a METHODIST MINISTER.  he tricked us cause he just wanted to bible bash with us.  Anyways, we took care of it. :)
-It was Zone Conference this past wednesday and it was AMAZING.  I loved it so much!  President and Sister Pilkington are so amazing, and so inspired!  Because we had to travel quite a long time on the coach bus, and we had to be there pretty early, the Chesterfield sisters came and stayed at our flat.  So it was really fun to be able to hang out with Sister B again!
-So a while back, when I was on an exchange with Sister B, she told one of the members of my ward that I was a good volleyball player, and she told them to look me up. So now I am doing like a ton of volleyball things for the youth.  Not only the youth of my ward, but also for the whole stake.  We are starting tonight, with Sheffield 1, so I'll let you know how that goes.
-On Sunday morning at about 8:45, we got a call from the bishopric asking me to give the 20 minute talk in sacrament meeting that day.  hahaha oh the joys of missionary work.  Good thing I can basically bare my testimony for like 10 minutes, and read from Preach my Gospel for the rest. HOLLA.
-We got a new ward mission leader, and he is doing work.  Seriously, he is whipping the ward members into shape.  He has a lot of great ideas, and I'm really excited to see them take action this transfer.  
-So just so you know, before I forget, MOM AND DAD: there will most likely be a woman from my ward emailing you about a favor.  She has a daughter in the MTC.  But ya, just a heads up, she will probably be emailing you.
-So our investigators:  M and A are doing so good!!  They honestly will make such good members one day.  It is a little difficult, because their English isn't the best, so there are some slight confusion, and because their religious background (hindu) is completely different to the message that we share.  But they have a lot of questions, and they are interested, AND the ward LOVES them.  K:  We have had a hard time seeing her this week, but hopefully we will be able to help her progress this week.  J-:  He is doing great.  hahah .He has loads of his own ideas and stuff, but he is coming along.  He definitely makes me work hard.  M-:  She showed up at church, and she is so great!!  There are a few things that we need to help her work through, like smoking, and she will have to get her own place to live, but she is doing so good. 
-I will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Saturday at Brother and Sister Wilson's house, so that will be great. 
-Now here is my thanksgiving speech:) :) :)  I am so thankful for such an amazing family that supports me so greatly.  From the other side of the world, I can feel your love and your support.  Thank you so much.  I am so thankful for such amazing parents who have sacrificed so much to give me a great life.  There are so many people in this world who are struggling and who need love in their life, and I'm just so grateful to have been raised so great.  And last, but not least, I'm so eternally grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ and My Heavenly Father.  The sacrifice that my Heavenly Father gave of freely giving this wicked world, his only begotten son, was amazing.  The sacrifice of my Savior, to give of his life, in the most painful and horrible way ever, was amazing.  I am so grateful for the chance that I have been given.  To bring others unto the same joy that I have.  Because of those great sacrifices, everything is made possible.  I love this church, and I'm so grateful to be a missionary.  I love you all!!!  Have a great thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh hiya duck (people say that here, its really weird, I still don't get it).  So this week has seriously gone by so fast.  Like I feel like its Sunday then Monday every day!!!  So imma just get straight to it, cause I have a lot of stuff to write this week.
-So last monday we went to Chatsworth, otherwise known as PEMBERLEY.  It was pretty much the best thing of my life.  I was practically crying the whole time.  But since it is close to Christmas,they had some decorations up which kinda made it look a little tacky, but it was still great.  It was a Lion the witch and the wardrobe-Narnia themed.  haha.  But it was amazing. 
-While we were at Chatsworth, we wanted to check out the hunting tower that is about a mile up the hill in the forest, and it is the same tower that they kept Mary Queen of Scotts in.  So we (me, Sister H, Sister Wilson and her three  year old son jack) start like hiking up the hill to get there.  And the people at the desk gave us directions which were super super vague directions, so we ended up hiking for an hour and a half, and then we decided that we were lost.  so we some how ended up at this creepy little lake in the middle of the forest above Chatsworth, and Sister Wilson called the place and so they sent out search and rescue vans for us. hahahahahahahah.  So after about 20 minutes it is completely pitch black, and her poor son is crying, and I'm not going to lie I was freaking out. ha.  So we decided to start walking towards this tree, and then all of a sudden I see some lights, so I book it down the hill, like no path or anything, and finally reach the car.  They were just about to give up and go back, and luckily we found them.  They told us that the lake that we were at is called ELEPHANTS GRAVEYARD.  I have no idea why its called that, and I'm not sure I want to know hahahah.
-So this past week we worked a ton with the less active families from our ward, and it paid off, cause we had FIVE yes five less actives at church, so that was great.  #winning
-okay so before I forget, I need you all to do me a favor.  Or I guess its a challenge.  It doesn't matter, you can look at it whatever way you want.  I want you ALL to go to the temple this week.  I am out here dying to go to the temple, and I just miss it so much.  SO PLEASE JUST GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK, AND THINK OF ME THE WHOLE TIME OKAY.  That is my grown up Christmas list.:) Well that, and for Karen to stop smoking.
-So before I forget as well, next week is transfers, so my p-day will be on Tuesday, so I will get to email on Tuesday, not Monday.
-So I love living in the city during Christmas time, they have a ton of cool markets up and its so fesstive!! 
-For some reason no one can pronounce STAHELI, they call me sister STEELEEEEEEYYYY! Gosh, I hate it.  So I told them instead of insulting me to just call me Sister S.  So that's what they do. #staheli'sunite
-This morning I had a huge delivery of food to the flat, so THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!  Now I can have a good thanksgiving dinner:) :) :)
-Karen's liver is still not fully healed, so she has been in and out of the hospital all week, but she is getting better.  She has set a date to stop smoking, for Christmas day.  So hopefully that can happen.
-This week we have been so blessed, and we have found a bunch of new people to teach, and so that means that we are going to be even more busy than we usually are.
-We handed Liam over to the other ward, as he does not live in our area.:(
-I love the scriptures. SO MUCH.
-People still think I'm from london, and its weirding me out.
-I have become very good at eating the way that people do here, with the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right hand.  I feel very proper.
-I have heard that it will snow this week:(
-We have walked so much this week, probly at least 20 miles.
-I think that we will have to focus less on Sophie, Maria, and Suzanne.  They just keep flogging us:(
-I love you all so much, and thanks for all the support!!!  You have no idea how much it means to me!!  This church is so true, and we need to keep fighting.  We can;t give up, god has a plan for each of us!!  Please keep going strong!!  I love you all!!  #1 Peter 1:6-9 #cheers
                                 Chattsworth  (Pemberly- from PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello!!!!  Oh my gosh I can't even believe that it is already monday again!  Seriously, I feel like I am losing my mind because these days are just going by so STINKING FAST OH MY GOSH!  FLIPPING HECK- Everybody here uses that phrase, hahahah so I thought that I would give it a try.  But anyways, seriously.  My weeks go like this- p-day, then on tuesday its a meeeting, on wednesday its district meeting, and thursday and friday I am on exchange, then on Saturday Sister H and I do weekly planning, and then its Sunday AGAIN!!!  Seriously it flies by.  But this week was great!!  It was kinda a hectic week, but it was great!!  Oh and before I forget, ATTENTION TO EVERYONE THAT IS READING THIS--I need some good jokes.  All of the little kids here expect me to be funny, and I'm not living up to their expectations...:(  so I need everyone that is reading this to send me a joke that is funny.  Okay good deal.  
-So our investigator John is amazing hahah.  He is hilarious, and he is really progressing.  He brings up baptism every lesson.  But he has had a bad experience at church in the past.  But anyways, he is like a bible hoarder. HAHAHAHA. Seriously.  I mentioned something briefly about trying to find a pocket bible cause its too heavy to carry around my quad, and he like freaked out and got so excited.  So then the next time we came back for a lesson, he had pulled out, no joke like 50 bibles!! And there was still 2 whole boxes of bibles that he just didn't pull out!  So all of these bibles range anywhere from 250-50 years old.  They are all super super old, and like original copies.  It was really really cool.  I guess everytime he passed a bible, he would take it. ha.  And so he gave me like 20 bibles seriously.  He gave me a good pocket size bible, to carry around, some to give out to people who I teach, some really really old bibles to take home, and then he gave me a really special bible to him. It is called a Rainbow bible, and is made in 1850, and it is in stellar condition, and he said it was his favorite bible, but he wants me to have it.  So now, I love the bible haha.
-Karen is in the hospital.  She has been there for about a week, and she should be getting released in a few days.  She has a lot of health problems, but her liver was like failing or somethigg, and its due to her smoking and drinking.  So this is great news for us, -MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED-cause now the doctors have told her that if she continues drinking and smoking then she will like die or something, I don't know what they told her, but it was something like that.  But yeah its great news for us.  Cause she was already trying to stop, but she was having a hard time.  Now she HAS to stop.  And everytime we have gone to visit her in the hospital, she doesn't feel the need to smoke, which is a big deal for someone who has been smoking for 35 years.  But yeah she is great, and she is so excited for church and for her baptism.  Because of transfers, we have to have her baptism on the 30th on november..but I'm super excited!!  And she called us one day, and asked if we could get someone and come and give her a blessing.  She is amazing, and I love her so much!!
-So the weather this week has been super weird, it almost reminds me of utah weather:)  It will be like sunny, and then it will start hailing, then it will get pitch black dark, and then it will be warm, and m then it will freezing/raining/windy.  I don't really understand, but everyone keeps warning me about this supposed horrible winter that will be the worst winter in 100 years, HA  I WILL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT.   :)
-Sophie, Maria, and Suzanne are doing good.  They tell us every time we see them that they will come to church and that they want to get baptized, but yet they never come.  We have plans for them, and hopefully they will come to church this week.  But I still love them so much.
-Meha and Anand came to church!!!!  They are the super cute hindu couple from India.  They came to church, and they were super intrigued by it.  THey left after the second hour because they had a busy day, but they really enjoyed Gospel Principles class.  I love them.
-And get ready for this one....:)  To all of my sisters, and mother:  Be prepared to be extremely jealous. I am going to Chatsworth in about an hour, and I'm so excited!!  ITs that home from Pride and Prejudice with the beautiful gardens and statues and all.  I am going with Sister Wilson, she's been like begging us to hang out with her ha jk.  But ya it should be pretty fun.  
-But besides that, we have just been doing a lot of service this week for the ward, and stuff.  I am getting really good at painting.  Oh and somehow the ward found out that I can conduct music-THANKS A LOT MOM-  and so they have been making me conduct the music in Sacrament meeting the past few weeks.  its been interesting. 
-Anywasy, I love you all so much, and I think/pray for you all daily.  But I love my mission and my Savior Jesus Christ.  He has given me everything for the past 19 years, and I'm going to give everything to him for the next 15 months.  This church is true, and we need to all step up and live the gospel.  D&c 19:15-19.  I love you all!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

                      McKell with one of their investigators
HAHAHAHAHAHHA whats up !!!!  Okay so this week has truly been incredible!!!!!!  Seriously, sooo many miracles happened this week, it was unbelievable!!!  So before I get started, I will fill you all in on the drama/gossip that has been going down (not really, but I like calling it that cause its the closest thing I get to some drama :) ).  So the Sheffield 4 sisters (my flat mates-sister b and sister g) have been emergency transfered!  For a couple reasons, but mostly because the area that all the slovaks live is super super dodgy, and now that it gets dark at like 4:30 every day, we work more in the night time than in the daylight, and its sketchy.  So they have been transfered to whitewash Rotherham, and its basically like 20 minutes down the road hahah so its not too far, but they did move zones.  So now it makes exchanges a little bit more tricky, especially since they got transfered in the middle of a transfer.  So on thursday I was on exchange, and I was in Rotherham.  And it is basically doing the exact same thing that Sister h and I did, like a month ago ahhahahaha so ya.  But now its super weird, cause its only Sister H and I are in our flat.  So I mean its WAY more clean now, which is a good thing,but also its very lonely and quiet.  But ya there are definitely pros and cons to the situation.  But also, since they moved, they randomly decided to have sister h and I move districts?  who knows why haha.  But now Elder Syndelick is my district leader, and we have the Allens in our district and the zone leaders- all of which work with the slovaks in Sheffield 4.  OH YA AND 1 MORE THING, they took away our car!!!!!  Well actually we voluntarily gave it up!  Which might be weird, but I'm super stoked about, cause now I don't have to worry about getting in a car crash.  Seriously, I almost died like 20 times this week cause driving is sketchy.  And now it wil be easier to find people to teach, because bus contacting is like my favorite.  OKAY NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF. :)
  This week we SCHEDULED!!!!!!!!!!!!LASDJFLAJKDLAFJLDJ!!!!!  And we scheduled 1, 2, 3 People!!!!!!  oh my gosh! So we rescheduled Karen for the 27th of november (I KNOW SHE WILL BE BAPTIZED), Liam for the 23rd- We met him like 2 weeks ago on the street, and he is great, and then we scheduled Melissa for the 30th.  They all have problems with the Word of Wisdom, but ya know I don't care, cause I know that they are great. :)  Oh ya, Kwin-the car we had was a Toyota Versa s-2013 you can look it up, it wasn't as cool as bundy(my car) is:)  So apparently, people think that I am from albania, cause both my first adn last name is very common in Albania?  Any chance that I'm adopted??  weird.  Okay next thing.  I had my first fish and chips this week, actually on halloween!!  it was honestly the best thing I have ever tasted besides Cafe Rio!  I was like crying!  no joke.  it was delicious.  And so this week there has been like a huge party week for a lot England, and so we aren't allowed to go out much at night, because of where we live, and the culture.  Everyone look  up Poppy day here in England, and the 5th of november.  Its like a huge celebration, and they have fireworks, and we have to wear poppies on our clothes for the next 2 weeks, otherwise people get super mad and stuff. everyone keeps saying "remember, remember the 5th of november!'  who knows, peple here are crazy!!  Anyways.  Things are going great, and I got your package, and so THANK YOU SO MUCH THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS!!  I LOVE YOU ALL.   and thats basically it!  Happy birthday shout out to Andy, to my Avi:)  have a great week. peace and crumpets all.
                Sister Staheli and one of her cute flat mates in Sheffield.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey there!!  Okay so i'm going to just get straight down to business cause I am super short on time this week...sorry:)  
-So Sister H and I have been doing a bunch of finding this week, cause well all of the people we have been teaching aren't really progressing all that much, so we have been working a lot in the outer bank villages.
-On Saturday we spent like the whole day in ASTON!!!!!!!!!  It was really cool to be able to walk around and imagine my ancestors doing the same.  They have some really beautiful houses there, and I picked out which ones I think our fam lived in.  
-Would it be possible to find out exactly where in Aston they lived?
-Karen:.........We have had a super hard time coming in contact with her.  She is very poor, so she has no credit on her phone and so she is kind of a hit and miss.  She is really great, and I know that she will become a member of this church at some point in time, It just might not be while I'm here.  So we have decided to give her a week off, but start up strong with her again in a week or two.
-Exchanges are pretty interesting haha they are very different!  Sister G is super super bold!  Listen to this story, k so since the temple is not in our mission, we aren't allowed to go.  BUT.  Sister G wanted to go, so she called president and asked him, and he said no.  But sister G said, 'I'll take a NO from Jesus.  So can you please ask Jesus?' So president asked Jesus, and he allowed her to go to the temple hahahahah.  She's is very bold, and I am learning a lot from her.  She keeps telling me 'sister staheli you are exactly my type.'  I don't have any idea what that means, but I think its good cause she has told me multiple times that she is going to ask president if we can work together next transfer ahah.
-We met this really great girl named EMMA while we were in Aston, and we are meeting with her tonight.  I love her already.
-I have suddenly become in love with scarves, they are amazing.  Plus when I get bored, I just put it around my head and dress up as a muslim ahahahahahahahahah it keeps me entertained during study time. :) :) :)
-Okay so the miracle of the week:  GET THIS EVERYBODY.  So On Sunday  night Sister H had about 2 hours left and we had no idea what to do, cause there was litrally no one on the streets, and we just didn't feel right about finding in the dark.  So we prayed and still nothing came to our minds.  So we just decided to head to the car and see if we could go see someone.  As we were heading to the car garage, we see this cute couple from India, (they are like our friends, we talked to them like a month ago and we see them like all the time), and so we started to talk to them, and they said Hey you guys should come over sometime, and so I was like, 'well we have time now' haha so we went up and had a lesson with them.!!  They are amazing!!  They are hindu, but they basically asked us if they could come to church with us sometime!  They got married in march, and they are still in their 20's!  They gave us some sweets from india too.  I love them so much and I'm super excited to teach them.  Their names are M--- and A--- :) :)
-We had our zone p-day today and it was super fun, I got to see Sister B again so that was great!  And it was halloween themed, so we all dressed up.  Sister H, Sister B, Sister G and I all dressed up as pregnant sister wives. haha I thought it was a pretty good idea!!  
-I am loving my mission more and more everyday!!  This church is so true, and there is nothing else that I would rather be doing!!  Thank you so much for the letters everyone, I read them like everyday almost!!  I love you all, thanks!!!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why hello there family!!  How is everything going back in USA?  Man I heard that our government is shut down or something?  Well thats weird.  At least the queen is still alive...BAHAHAHAHAH!!! SIKE. okay now time to get to the real stuff.  This week has been a great week, very interesting and busy, but still a great week!!  So before I get started...Christmas is coming up, and dad is there any way you could send me a list of all the scriptures relating to Christ and his birth, and just Christ's life in general??  Thanks:) 
-So I have been on my mission for 2 months today....CRAZY.
-There is a family in my ward, the Pegg's, and they love Harry Potter.  He was able to go on scenes when they were filming the final movie and he got to talk to Daniele Radcliffe ON SCENE.  AND, get this, this is the best part.  His wife, Sister Pegg is very very crafty, and so she has made a Plan of Salvation cut out puzzle thing, and it is harry potter themed.  IT WAS HONESTLY THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.!!!  I made a deal with her, we come and clean her house and teach the primary next week (as she is primary president) and she will make me one of those puzzles.  I almost started crying.  It will fit perfectly with my harry potter necklace, and my shirt.  :) :)
-It has rained ALL WEEK LONG. 
-So we have a new flat mate, and her name is Sister G!  She is from Albania, and she is hilarious.  Her grammar isn't all that great, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES to talk about herself and tell stories.  Hahah she is hilarious, cause some of the sayings from albania translate into weird english phrases.  She is always saying: 'oh my days I kill myself', and she says that when she's happy.  And she'll say:'oh I love you so much I eat you'. 
-So Karen still didn't come to church, so her baptism is pushed back again.  She wants to get baptized, and she has even stopped drinking, but she just doesn't come to church.  We talked with her last night and she says that she wants to do it for real this time.  We are working towards her baptism on Nov. 8th.  We will see what happens.
-Sophie and her daughters; Maria and Suzanne, are my favorite people ever!  I love them so much.  Seriously.  They are from Kenya.  Maria is 14 and goes to Young Womens every tuesday, and Suzanne is 9 and is so funny!  They have family in the Chesterfield Branch, and so when they lived with them they went to church every week.  So they have been having the missionaries over for 2 years on and off.  But none of the missionaries have ever taught her the lessons?  I don't know..haha so we have been working with them.  And the best part is that Sophie just got a new job so that she doesn't have to work on Sunday.  So after they get back from holliday in Germany, I know they will be baptized:) :) :)
-We have also been teaching a former investigators mother and siblings.  Her name is Siferia and her two daughters are Dianna and Anna.  They are from Nigeria, and they are very religious.  They love the Book of Mormon, and its great. :)  They just have a hard time coming to church, cause they attend their own church with Pastor Dave.  But yeah they are great as well.
-People love to bash with us hahahah its really funny!  They invite us over to their house for a return appointment, and they brought their pastor over to bible bash with us.  I just bare my testimony and leave hahahahahahahahahahahahha its the funniest thing ever.  Cause they want to fight, and then I say, 'Well I love the bible, and I know its true, but have you even read the book of mormon?  I have read both, and I can't deny the book of mormon to be true!!'
-One family was bashing with us, but in a nice way, and they were really nice people, I really liked them a lot.  So the next day I wrote my testimony of the book of mormon down on a piece of paper and dropped it off at their door with a book of mormon.  :)
-Things are really looking up for our area, we have been working with a lot of less actives and also with the members.  We know that if we want to teach KINGDOM BUILDERS, then we need the members to give us refferals.  So we have been working on trying to build really good member relationships.  
-I'm pretty sure thats all that is really new with me.  Except for the fact that Sister H is a crazy driver, everything is great here!  I love my mission and I love it here in Sheffield!!!  This church is true, and there is no denying it!!  Well I love you all so much, and I miss you.  But I have work to do here, and I just love my mission so much!!
Love you!!
ps can you tell kylee and kim dahl to write me? thanks!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

                                    Sister Staheli with Sister B from Alabama.
                                   So happy to get her Halloween package.


Hiya!!!!  Okay so you ready for the big news!!!!!!!!!!!......I GET TO STAY IN SHEFFIELD!!  And I get to stay with Sister H!!  I am so grateful to stay here.  Now that I know that my family joined the church in the exact village that I work in everyday, I never want to leave.  This feels like my home.  Plus, I have a lot of unfinished business left to do here.  So ya, Sister H and I are staying the same, but my part time companion Sister B is getting transfered a whole 40 minutes away to Chesterfield.  So that's super super super sad, and I will miss her a lot.  Luckily she will still be in the same zone, so I will see her every week.  But that means that I am getting a new flat mate, and a new part time companion.  Her name is Sister G  and she is 26, and from ALBANIA.  Yeah.  So that's pretty tight.  We will pick her up tomorrow, and I'm super excited.  I hear she is very very good.  And Sister Burningham also trained her, so thats kinda funny.  But yeah now in our flat it will be: Denmark + Albania + Sweden + AMERICA= no thanksgiving for me:( hahahahahaha jk.  But the best thing happened this week.  I RECEIVED A PACKAGE FROM THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg, that was my reaction.  THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!  Seriously.  It made me so happy, and the things inside were even better!!!  I have already decorated our flat, and it is great!!!  Plus, I have slept with the little toy cat that you sent me too, so THANKS:)  Plus, I brought the fake teeth to church and showed all the little kids, and they were cracking up haha.  Okay so this week was once again a pretty crazy week!!  Okay so here are just random thoughts and things:
-So the gypsies have like no money, cause the government supports them all, and so they are always complaining about being poor, and having no money, yet they always feed us!!!  like it will be 8 o clock at night, and we will have just stopped by to say hello or something, and they will bring out HUGE plates of food, that is super interesting.  But its super nice of them.  I just don't understand them haha.
-This past week I had to pull out my coat, and I haven't taken it off since.  All of a sudden there has been a breeze coming from the north that is 12 degrees colder than the weather or something, (I don't know, someone just told me that on the street), so it has been Freezing!!  Luckily I have a great coat, and some nice wool socks:)
-I used to hate apple, raspberry, and blackberry pie.  After having to eat it a million times, I have tricked myself into loving it. Weird.
-We have started making soup as meals, cause its cheap and its warm and its healthy.  So when I wake up, its pitch black, and it smells good, and I think its christmas:)
-Last night I ran into the crazy possesed Jehovah's witness again......................................... my heart was going crazy.  she's crazy.  She wants us to come back........................
-We have been working with this less-active/part member family, and we go over and have a FHE lesson with them and then we play scrabble.  Needless to say I hustled them into coming to church hahahahahahahahaha.  I pretended to be not very good, but then I ended up killing them.  Everyone here thinks that americans don't have good english, but SORRY.
-A young woman in our ward asked us what class we take in high school instead of English.  I don't know......................................?
-We have to push Karen's baptism back a few weeks, but no worries, I know that she will straighten up soon.
-We have found a few families that we are teaching, so YAY!!!!!!!
-I will be spending all of our finding time in ASTON now, and I will find our ancestors and convert them.  #STAHELI'S
I love you all so much, and thank you again for everything!!  I am so grateful for all the love and support!!  I love you all!!  This church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sister Staheli

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sheffield Zone Conference

                                                 Sheffield Zone Conference
                                                 She is finally wearing tights we
                                                 have heard it is getting cold there.

                                         Sister Staheli(right) and Sister E.  leaving
                                          the MTC  on their way to Leeds to
                                          meet the Mission President.
                                         Sister McKell Staheli with her companion Sister H.

Oct. 14 Sheffield District

This picture comes from Brother and Sister Allen who are Senior missionaries serving in 
Sheffield with Sister Staheli

Hiya luv,

YO YO YO YO YO YO YO!!!  What up.  so this week was once again so fast, and crazy, and I can't believe its already monday again!!!  So there is a bunch that I want to share so I'm just going to jump into it.  
-Okay so last tuesday, when Sister B and I were on exchange, we walked out of our flat towards the bus station, and we walked straight into a strike!!!!!  I guess all the teachers here in south yorkshire, have been on strike, and they were walking down town on tuesday.  They had like all the signs and posters and shirts, and stuff hahaha it was pretty cool!  We walked with them for a bit, but then thought that it would be bad if someone saw us in it.
-It gets dark at like 4 o clock here, so its really sad.
-On wednesday, the relief society had an activity and it was ZUMBA!!!!!! OH YA!!!!!!!!  And we were able to go, because we brought one of our investigators Jackie with us.  It was amazing.  I never thought I liked latin dancing and Zumba until now.  I have turned into a ZUMBA-leiver.
-hahahahahah So I convinced karen that sister B wanted to sing a solo at her baptism.  So that made Karen super excited, and she then said that she wanted us to sing a duet......so my plan backfired.....
-On Wednesday I had a great idea to make french toast for lunch, and I had been craving it for like days.  So Sister B and I made it.  And they have had this syrup for like 6 months, and so we pour it all over our food, and out comes these mold chunks.  We had no time or energy to make new food, plus we just used our eggs AND milk AND bread, so we scooped out the mold chunks and ate it anyways.  That was the worst idea I could have ever made.  The mold I think is still growing inside me.  I have felt weird ever since.
-The food is still different, but I like it.......:)
-It rains almost everyday, but it is a nice warm rain!
-Conference was AMAZING!!!  Honestly, it was so good.  Prolly the best conference I have ever watched!!  But I missed half of it:(  I haven't seen the last session, and I only got to watch the second half of the first session.  So I'm very excited to watch the rest of it!!
-I have already pulled out the christmas music! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)  We sing Christmas hymns for study, and we listen to motab christmas during exercise.  Tis the season!
-There are like a lot of Chinese people that live in our flat.  So we always see them around, and they ask us everyday to come hang out with them.  its weird.  I don't know why they want to hang out with us, but its cool I guess haha.
-I found an old risk board underneath my bed.  let's just say that Sister B and I have had an ongoing game of risk for the past week and a half.  And now she's mad cause I just took over most of asia:) :) :) :) :) sorry not sorry:) :) :) :) :) :) 
-Let's see...oh ya!!  So if you watched the world report on tv this weekend, then you were able to see my bishop (Robert McEwen-spelling?) and my stake President (President Dundon), and also my zone leader, and I know most of the people that they showed.  I walk those streets everyday, and the chapel that they showed is the chapel that I go to church in!!  HOLLA
So yeah its pretty cool.
-So this week is the last week of my first transfer!!  I can't believe that I have been out for over a month and a half, its crazy!!  Time flies!!!...kinda.  But ya, next week p-day will be on tuesday due to transfers.  So don't get all stressed, it will just be a day later. 
My highlight of the week was prolly when we did a FHE with a very less-active family (they have been sealed in the temple and everything, and their 12 year old daughter isn't baptized yet:( ) and the mother broke down crying.  It was a very cool experience, and they watched conference this weekend as well.  So they are amazing, and I love them.  And I kicked their trash in scrabble, so that was a self-esteem boost as well.  But yeah it was very good!!  
I love you all very very much, and thank you for all your love and support!!   This church is so true, and this work is truly bigger than us all!!!  Its time for us all to work together and lift where we stand, and the Lord will guide us.  This is his work, and he will not let us fail!!  Cheers. 
-Psalms 23:4

Monday, September 30, 2013

Friends....Sept 30, 2013

YO YO YO YO YO YO WHATS GOING ON MY PEEPS!! Oh my goodness, this week was a CRAZY week!!!  I have a lot to tell you, so I'll just get straight to it.  So I was on exchanges for 4 days this week!!  Which is great, but so much more tiring!!  I don't even know why either, it is just draining.  So Sister H and Sister B had a meeting and stuff, so the other Sister B and I were together on monday, tuesday, and thursday.  And Sister B has been wanting to work with me..haha who knows why, so she called President Pilkington and asked him if we could make an exception and go on an exchange.  So on Saturday I was working with Sister B.  I love exchanges.  They are great.  Plus, I love working with the Slovakian people.  They are so sweet!  And since I work in the area so often like half of my investigators are gypsies.  Also, President called me just to see how I was doing with all the exchanges and everything.  Cause I guess you aren't supposed to be going on exchanges til your 3rd transfer, and I have been going on exchanges like crazy.  Its whatev.  BRING IT.  anyways.  This week was chuck full with miracles.  I'm telling you, change your prayers, and miracles will happen!!  So lets see.....oh ya..WE SCHEDULED KAREN FOR BAPTISM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!AKDLJFALKDFJALJD!!!!!  She is amazing!  I love her so much!  Honestly, she is so prepared and has so much faith.  So we scheduled her on wednesday, like the only day Sister H and I were together, and she is getting baptized on Oct 26th..hopefully.  But she is so excited about it!  So then on Saturday my ward, Sheffield 1 had a baptism and the couple that got baptized is so solid, so we had Karen come and watch, and she loved it.  She's great.  But she has a hard life.  I feel really bad for her.  She has had 2 abusive husbands, and then her most recent partner just barely broke up with her (like 2 days ago) cause he HATES mormons.  And he was like looking up like tons of anti stuff online, and she still wanted to meet with us, so he left her:(  She's so great.  OH and I guess some of the stuff that he read to her online was that we have to wear a bunch of weirdo stuff, hahahaha like skirts down to our calfs everday, so when we went over to her house last night she was wearing a skirt, cause she thought she had to.  hahahahahahahahah I was dying.  But she is so cute and so willing, and I love her.  I just hope she can stop smoking.  Everyone smokes here, its nasty.  Okay lets see, here is just a  bunch of random things cause my mind is gone once again. 
-its been such nice weather here!!  I have even gotten a nice tan:)
-there was a fight outside my apartment on friday.  Two drunk men from the pub right accross the street, got in a fight, and they stabbed each other.  There was blood all over, and they called in the police and the forensics team.  IT was taped off for like 3 days straight.  it was gross and pretty dodgy.
-Do you know that cup game?  The one that people play at girls camp and the one that is off of the movie pitch perfect?  ya that one.  Well Ido it on the cup, and sing if you could hie to kolob, (or any song that I feel,) and the chil'n (kids) go nutso over it hahah. its a way to win the kids hearts first, then sneak my way into their parents hearts.
-Sister B and I pray that we can sing better
-Viera (one of my slovakian investigators, her name means faith in slovak) is amazing.  She has visions and dreams, and it seriously is a miracle.  She has had a dream about sister hedstrom, before she even met her, and about our zone leader before she met him.  She is going to get baptized, I just know it, and it will truly be a zone baptism, because everyone is involved with her.  She's amazing.
-We have been really praying and trying to find Kingdom Builders.  We need to find and teach people that will contribute and help build up the kingdom of God here on earth, and its working:)
-Sophie and Maria, i think i told you about them the other week, well we stopped by and they want to get baptized for real this time, so we'll see what happens:) :) :)
-I didn't get to watch the relief society meeting:(  And because of time differences, I won't get to watch one session of conference:(
This week was amazing!!!  Honestly, every day keeps getting better and better!  I love it here so much.  I will be so sad the day that I have to take my badge off.  There is power and authority that comes with this calling, and people recognize that.  Seriously, people tell us crazy secrets, just random people, because they recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ.  I love it here.  I miss you, but I have way too much work to do!!  Til next week.  Peace and blessings ya'll.  Cheers. :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. 23

HIYA LOVE!!!  :) :) But ANYWAYS.  how is everything going in the US of A??  Okay lets see if I can write everything that I have down, my mind is going crazy as usual.  Its probably cause we email in this little indian restraunt that is filled with muslims, and it always smells like hard core drugs. so ya. hahaha.  But okay this week was so crazy!!!  Like it flew by, and it was definitely interesting, but a blast!! hahahahahahaha.  Alright so story of the week:  So on Tuesday when I was on exchanges with Sister B, we were walking around, and all of the appointments we had fell through (as usual) and since we aren't really supposed to be down town at night, due to sketchy muslims and middle easterns, they love to fight and do sketchy things, we decided to go visit one of Sister H's and my investigators, Liz.  She is the one that has a million cats, I think I might have told you about her.  So we bus over there, and she wasn't home, but her neighbor was.  And Sister H and I have been wanting to talk to her neighbor, cause she is always around whenever we come over.  So the neighbor answers the door, and man oh man it was honestly the scariest night of my life. hahah.  So she opens the door, and she looks like way crazy, and she was smoking.  But she like practically begged us to come in and talk with her.  She said that "she had a friend that she wanted us to talk to".  alright. So we went in, and I almost threw up right then, cause it was so so so so smokey, and it smelt like the worst possible smell of hard core drugs mixed with hard alcohol.  She tried to say that it was chinese that smelt wrong, but there was no way.  So already Sister B and I were kinda freaking out.  But we sit down and talk with her friend Barry who is like incredibly high and out of it.  And they both like begged us to be baptized.  anyways, we come to find out that Asi (the neighbor) was the Jehovah Witness that Liz warned us about, and her cat wouldn't go near!!!   Anyways, we were super creeped out so we booked it out of there, and we haven't gone back since.  And I never ever want to.  Seriously, the feeling in that room was awful.. its funny how on my mission I find myself in worse situations than I would not on my mission. haahah.  so there's that.  :)  Lets see, so this week has been crazy.  We have met alot of cool people, and we now have a lot of investigators.  I am becoming quite pro at stopping people on the streets.  And if they don't stop, I just walk with them or stand in front of them so that they have to stop:)  We have stopped by a ton of elderly members from the ward this week, and let me tell you, its great:) haha the people here LOOOVVVEEE to tell you their past drama and like their whole life story, even all the details that I wish I didn't know!!!  But its great, and in all seriousness, I think that even though some people aren't interested in learning more about the gospel, they still recognize us as representatives  of Jesus Christ.  Cause even on the street, people will tell us crazy detailed stories from their lives.  Okay so we have a few investigators, but there are 2 that are so solid, and I love them so much!!  There is Karen, and Sis B and I met her street contacting.  She is 44 and has had the hardest life.  She has had TWO abusive husbands, one recently put her in the hospital and knocked out all her teeth, and then she has had 2 children pass away.  She is awesome.  And then there is Richard, I also met him street contacting with Sister B , and he met with missionaries about 5 years back.  He is so solid, and I have high hopes for him to be baptized!!  Lets see.  Um the food is getting a little better, I have found a solution...kinda!  I just bring food with me, and eat in the car.  And when its tea time at members houses then I don't have to eat as much. :)  And I think God is blessing me!  Oh also, I was able to explore a bit more of downtown Sheffield today, and its sooooo cool!!!  Who knew that there are actually white people here in Sheffield?  jokes.  But really, I have never ever seen so many  muslim, slovaks, asians, indians, and africans.  its great :)  But I love you all so so much, and I think about you everyday!  I love my mission, and am having the time of my life!!  Keep on keepin on, ya'll.  #love.  cheers.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This picture was taken by Brother and Sister Allen who are senior missionaries there in
Sheffield.  McKell is visiting with some members of the Sheffield ward.

Sept 16 -friends

Whats up losers!!! Just kidding kinda.  But really.  Whats going on in the usa??  Things are going pretty good here in Sheffield.  Except that it rains EVERY SCREAMING DAY.  Ha its great, I actually have grown to love the rain.  :)  But I realized that my last email was very short, and had like no details in it.  I apologize for that, and lets see if i can get some better info out this time.  So I am working in the Sheffield 1 ward (which is an english ward), and they are all pretty famous right now.  I don't know if you are familiar with the Slovakian branch here in Sheffield ( I will also explain a little about that later as well), but the Slovakian Branch originated out of The Sheffield 1 ward about 2 years ago.  So most of the members have callings to be in both wards.  I guess you could say that we are sister-wards:)  But yeah most of the members are pretty famous on mormon.org and in the ensign and stuff.  It's great.  BUT they haven't had sisters in the ward since it first started, so Sister H and I are starting off fresh.  Also.  My flatmates (roomates) are Sister B and Sister B, and they are the sisters over the slovakian branch.  And since Sister H and Sister B are both Sister training leaders, they have to go on exchanges for 2 days every week.  Which then means that I get to be companions with Sister B for 2 days every week, and I work with the gypsies in the Slovakian unit.  (They videoed the unit and all over Sheffield 1 and about the gypsies, and they will be showing a video of it during conferance sessions in October.  So look out for it, and you will be able to see where I live, and who I work with ) :) :) :) :) I t is usually every Tuesday and Wednesday.  So that is actually really fun!!!  I love working with Sister B, seriously, she is the best and we just laugh and joke around and have a good time.  I learn a ton from her!!  IT was like the highlight of my week this past week.  They are all so nice and friendly.  And the gypsies LOVVVEE to hug you.  Haha even though I don't speak the language, I can actually pick up alot of what they are saying.  And I'm already learning some words.  This is just a personal thought, but I'm like almost positive that they derive from being jews.  No one really knows where they cam from, but they all have really wierd dreams, and so I think they are jews. :)  Okay so this week I have been sleeping a lot better!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO THANK YOU MOM AND DAD FOR CALLING THE MISSION HOME AND CHECKING UP ON ME. :) :) :)  Haha you guys are the best.  AND THANKS FOR SENDING THAT EYE PATCH AND EAR PLUGS, THEY WORK GREAT.  :)  Seriously, thank you so much.  I love you guys.  But also.  I GO T MY HARRY POTTER SHIRT THIS WEEK, SO THANK YOU SO MUCH, IT WAS THE BEST, AND NOW EVERYONE IS SO JEALOUS OF ME.  (actually they already were)  But anyways.  So we scheduled 2 investigators (Maria and Sophie, a mother and daughter) for baptism, for October 12th, but they are so sketchy, and ever since we scheduled them, it seems as though they have been trying to dodge us.  So we will see what happens, but I have faith that they will get baptized:)  plus, I'm very persistent and persuasive:)  Thats right sophie, bring it.  Jokes.  But listen to this fam.  I have had 3 different people now. OKAY 3, ask me if I'm from London?  Hahahahahah I don't get it at all.  Like its the weirdest thing.  I guess the way I  look and dress and even talk makes people think that I am from london?  I guess I'll take it, cause Emma is from London, and so is Marina. SO JOKES ON THEM.  But that is a big confidence boost.  Also, next week for p-day we are going with a bunch of other sisters to go and see MR. DARCY'S HOUSE FROM PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!   I'm really really excited for that.  It's like the closest thing to a castle down here in the south.  But ya I'll take loads of selfies.  So listen to this story about miracles.  So I have noticed that the more you pray for specific blessings and things to happen, the more specific God answers you.  So,we have been praying for miracles to happen, and to strenghten our faith, okay right.  So everybody has signed up to have us over for tea, some people even 2 nights in a row (bless their hearts), and honestly, I am having a hard time getting used to the food.  They are so sweet in trying to feed me, and be nice.  And so lately I have been praying for God to help me be able to eat this new food,  and seriously guys, IT WORKS.  Like yesterday, I normally would have not been able to eat my meal and it was still hard, but i somehow miraculousy was able to eat the food.  I know that eventually I will like it.  Prayer works, and even though its in small ways, God cares about us.  There's my little missionary moment of the week haha.  But really, I love it here in sheffield, and I love being a missionary.  I miss home so much, but there is nothing quite like being here.  I feel closer to my family more now, than ever before.  I love you guys so much, and thanks for all you do!!
 Sister Staheli

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sheffield-- First Area

Sept. 9, 2013

Hello everyone!!!  I miss you all very very much!!!  But things are going great here!!  So I am now in my first area, with my first companion.  So I am in......drum roll please...SHEFFIELD 1 AREA!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHH I almost like started crying when I first heard where I was going.  It is such a blessing to be here serving where my ancestors joined the church.  It is definitely a different kind of city then I am used to, but I love it already.  The feel of the city, is really weird...it doesn't feel like I am in England at all, it actually feels like I am in a city in the middle east or India or something haha..its different.  There is a lot of people from countries that I haven't even heard of, and the city is actually quite dirty and ghetto.  I mean it is a lot of old buildings, but very ghetto like.  But i love it.  And my companion is Sister H. (with the two dots over the O), she is 22 and from Sweden.  She has been out for almost 6 months.  She is great.  Very quiet, and doesn't speak english very good.  I live with Sister B and Sister B, they are the missionaries for the slovak area here in Sheffield.  I actually live in the same flat that Sister Hayley did..haha its pretty funny.  But yeah we actually live in a really nice area, compared to the rest of the city.  Lets see..I met the ward yesterday, and they are AWESOME!! seriously, they are great.  I love them already.  Oh and before I forget, my address is 
109 I Quarter, 10 blonk Street
Sheffield, S3 8BH
PLEASE WRITE ME OKAY THANKS.  Oh and did I mention that we are white washing this area?  So that means we have no investigators, no referrals or anything, so we have to start from scratch.  Its really hard.
Okay I will start with my first day here in Sheffield. so we have a car, and we are driving here (and the streets are tiny, and everyone parks on the streets), and so it was really tight and we totally hit a car hahahahah.  We side swiped a car, and it smashed the window off of the door.  She didn't know what to do, and was just going to keep driving, so I finally convinced her that we needed to go back and do something. But when we got back, the car was gone. so oh well I guess haha.  Um, things have been really slow, and all we do is go finding everyday, for 7 hours each day.  We knock on people's doors, and try to talk to them.  My first 2 days, I probably knocked on like 50 houses haha.  I have never had so many people slam the door in my face, swear at me, tell me I'm going to hell, or that God doesn't exist.  Its really sad.  The people here in England have lost their faith in God completely.  It breaks my heart.  But I will change that!!!!!!!!!!!  Everywhere we go, people think we are Jehovah's Witnesses, and they hate them ahah so we have to explain to them that we are LDS.  They food here is pretty weird..i don't like it at all..but oh well!!!  It has been very rainy, and cold lately.  I have used my raincoat everyday since i've been here.  Everyone keeps saying that winter is coming early this year, and that it will be a bad one..so yeah haha....but its great, I seriously love it here.  We did have a lesson with this girl named Liz, and she is great!!!  She is obsessed with cats and stuff.  haha we tried to teach her a lesson, but she just kept saying how she thinks we all have been cats in some previous life, and that cats are holy cause they come from Egypt.  Oh ya and she had like 50 cats, and then she started crying as she was telling us a bout her one cat that got hit by a car. She is great, and we have another lesson with her this friday!:)  Everyone here hates american's, so they don't listen to me that much, but I am getting better at approaching people.  since Sister H. is a sister training leader, I get to go on Exchanges with Sister B. this week and go to the slovak area!!  Which I'm actually super super excited about.  I'm excited to be able to work with someone other than  Sis H.  So my area in sheffield is pretty famous, I think there was a story in the ensign and mormon.org about them.  They are all really solid members  and they really take missionary work serious!  Oh ya, so there is an elder in my district who is from Albania, and he is convinced that someone in my family is from Albania, cause his mothers maiden name is Staheli, so I don't know what to tell him....hahah.  But things are coming along good, I just need to be more successfeul in finding people.  This week we are volunteering at a hospital so we can meet new people.  Even though we have a car, I still walk like 2 or 3 miles a day, so thats nice to get some fresh air.  Anyways, I don't know what else to write, but I 'll see if I can get some pictures sent out as well!!  I love you guys so much, and I think about you everyday!!  Oh ya, one last thing, I have never had as much pride in america as I do now!!  Be grateful, I love america so much now!! I hope you all have a great week!!
Alma 5: 45-46, mosiah 4;9
#staheli'srock :):)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hinckley Zone, Preston MTC

Here is a picture of Sister Staheli with her zone at the Preston, England MTC.