Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. 23

HIYA LOVE!!!  :) :) But ANYWAYS.  how is everything going in the US of A??  Okay lets see if I can write everything that I have down, my mind is going crazy as usual.  Its probably cause we email in this little indian restraunt that is filled with muslims, and it always smells like hard core drugs. so ya. hahaha.  But okay this week was so crazy!!!  Like it flew by, and it was definitely interesting, but a blast!! hahahahahahaha.  Alright so story of the week:  So on Tuesday when I was on exchanges with Sister B, we were walking around, and all of the appointments we had fell through (as usual) and since we aren't really supposed to be down town at night, due to sketchy muslims and middle easterns, they love to fight and do sketchy things, we decided to go visit one of Sister H's and my investigators, Liz.  She is the one that has a million cats, I think I might have told you about her.  So we bus over there, and she wasn't home, but her neighbor was.  And Sister H and I have been wanting to talk to her neighbor, cause she is always around whenever we come over.  So the neighbor answers the door, and man oh man it was honestly the scariest night of my life. hahah.  So she opens the door, and she looks like way crazy, and she was smoking.  But she like practically begged us to come in and talk with her.  She said that "she had a friend that she wanted us to talk to".  alright. So we went in, and I almost threw up right then, cause it was so so so so smokey, and it smelt like the worst possible smell of hard core drugs mixed with hard alcohol.  She tried to say that it was chinese that smelt wrong, but there was no way.  So already Sister B and I were kinda freaking out.  But we sit down and talk with her friend Barry who is like incredibly high and out of it.  And they both like begged us to be baptized.  anyways, we come to find out that Asi (the neighbor) was the Jehovah Witness that Liz warned us about, and her cat wouldn't go near!!!   Anyways, we were super creeped out so we booked it out of there, and we haven't gone back since.  And I never ever want to.  Seriously, the feeling in that room was awful.. its funny how on my mission I find myself in worse situations than I would not on my mission. haahah.  so there's that.  :)  Lets see, so this week has been crazy.  We have met alot of cool people, and we now have a lot of investigators.  I am becoming quite pro at stopping people on the streets.  And if they don't stop, I just walk with them or stand in front of them so that they have to stop:)  We have stopped by a ton of elderly members from the ward this week, and let me tell you, its great:) haha the people here LOOOVVVEEE to tell you their past drama and like their whole life story, even all the details that I wish I didn't know!!!  But its great, and in all seriousness, I think that even though some people aren't interested in learning more about the gospel, they still recognize us as representatives  of Jesus Christ.  Cause even on the street, people will tell us crazy detailed stories from their lives.  Okay so we have a few investigators, but there are 2 that are so solid, and I love them so much!!  There is Karen, and Sis B and I met her street contacting.  She is 44 and has had the hardest life.  She has had TWO abusive husbands, one recently put her in the hospital and knocked out all her teeth, and then she has had 2 children pass away.  She is awesome.  And then there is Richard, I also met him street contacting with Sister B , and he met with missionaries about 5 years back.  He is so solid, and I have high hopes for him to be baptized!!  Lets see.  Um the food is getting a little better, I have found a solution...kinda!  I just bring food with me, and eat in the car.  And when its tea time at members houses then I don't have to eat as much. :)  And I think God is blessing me!  Oh also, I was able to explore a bit more of downtown Sheffield today, and its sooooo cool!!!  Who knew that there are actually white people here in Sheffield?  jokes.  But really, I have never ever seen so many  muslim, slovaks, asians, indians, and africans.  its great :)  But I love you all so so much, and I think about you everyday!  I love my mission, and am having the time of my life!!  Keep on keepin on, ya'll.  #love.  cheers.

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