Monday, September 30, 2013

Friends....Sept 30, 2013

YO YO YO YO YO YO WHATS GOING ON MY PEEPS!! Oh my goodness, this week was a CRAZY week!!!  I have a lot to tell you, so I'll just get straight to it.  So I was on exchanges for 4 days this week!!  Which is great, but so much more tiring!!  I don't even know why either, it is just draining.  So Sister H and Sister B had a meeting and stuff, so the other Sister B and I were together on monday, tuesday, and thursday.  And Sister B has been wanting to work with me..haha who knows why, so she called President Pilkington and asked him if we could make an exception and go on an exchange.  So on Saturday I was working with Sister B.  I love exchanges.  They are great.  Plus, I love working with the Slovakian people.  They are so sweet!  And since I work in the area so often like half of my investigators are gypsies.  Also, President called me just to see how I was doing with all the exchanges and everything.  Cause I guess you aren't supposed to be going on exchanges til your 3rd transfer, and I have been going on exchanges like crazy.  Its whatev.  BRING IT.  anyways.  This week was chuck full with miracles.  I'm telling you, change your prayers, and miracles will happen!!  So lets see.....oh ya..WE SCHEDULED KAREN FOR BAPTISM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!AKDLJFALKDFJALJD!!!!!  She is amazing!  I love her so much!  Honestly, she is so prepared and has so much faith.  So we scheduled her on wednesday, like the only day Sister H and I were together, and she is getting baptized on Oct 26th..hopefully.  But she is so excited about it!  So then on Saturday my ward, Sheffield 1 had a baptism and the couple that got baptized is so solid, so we had Karen come and watch, and she loved it.  She's great.  But she has a hard life.  I feel really bad for her.  She has had 2 abusive husbands, and then her most recent partner just barely broke up with her (like 2 days ago) cause he HATES mormons.  And he was like looking up like tons of anti stuff online, and she still wanted to meet with us, so he left her:(  She's so great.  OH and I guess some of the stuff that he read to her online was that we have to wear a bunch of weirdo stuff, hahahaha like skirts down to our calfs everday, so when we went over to her house last night she was wearing a skirt, cause she thought she had to.  hahahahahahahahah I was dying.  But she is so cute and so willing, and I love her.  I just hope she can stop smoking.  Everyone smokes here, its nasty.  Okay lets see, here is just a  bunch of random things cause my mind is gone once again. 
-its been such nice weather here!!  I have even gotten a nice tan:)
-there was a fight outside my apartment on friday.  Two drunk men from the pub right accross the street, got in a fight, and they stabbed each other.  There was blood all over, and they called in the police and the forensics team.  IT was taped off for like 3 days straight.  it was gross and pretty dodgy.
-Do you know that cup game?  The one that people play at girls camp and the one that is off of the movie pitch perfect?  ya that one.  Well Ido it on the cup, and sing if you could hie to kolob, (or any song that I feel,) and the chil'n (kids) go nutso over it hahah. its a way to win the kids hearts first, then sneak my way into their parents hearts.
-Sister B and I pray that we can sing better
-Viera (one of my slovakian investigators, her name means faith in slovak) is amazing.  She has visions and dreams, and it seriously is a miracle.  She has had a dream about sister hedstrom, before she even met her, and about our zone leader before she met him.  She is going to get baptized, I just know it, and it will truly be a zone baptism, because everyone is involved with her.  She's amazing.
-We have been really praying and trying to find Kingdom Builders.  We need to find and teach people that will contribute and help build up the kingdom of God here on earth, and its working:)
-Sophie and Maria, i think i told you about them the other week, well we stopped by and they want to get baptized for real this time, so we'll see what happens:) :) :)
-I didn't get to watch the relief society meeting:(  And because of time differences, I won't get to watch one session of conference:(
This week was amazing!!!  Honestly, every day keeps getting better and better!  I love it here so much.  I will be so sad the day that I have to take my badge off.  There is power and authority that comes with this calling, and people recognize that.  Seriously, people tell us crazy secrets, just random people, because they recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ.  I love it here.  I miss you, but I have way too much work to do!!  Til next week.  Peace and blessings ya'll.  Cheers. :)

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