Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey there!!  Okay so i'm going to just get straight down to business cause I am super short on time this week...sorry:)  
-So Sister H and I have been doing a bunch of finding this week, cause well all of the people we have been teaching aren't really progressing all that much, so we have been working a lot in the outer bank villages.
-On Saturday we spent like the whole day in ASTON!!!!!!!!!  It was really cool to be able to walk around and imagine my ancestors doing the same.  They have some really beautiful houses there, and I picked out which ones I think our fam lived in.  
-Would it be possible to find out exactly where in Aston they lived?
-Karen:.........We have had a super hard time coming in contact with her.  She is very poor, so she has no credit on her phone and so she is kind of a hit and miss.  She is really great, and I know that she will become a member of this church at some point in time, It just might not be while I'm here.  So we have decided to give her a week off, but start up strong with her again in a week or two.
-Exchanges are pretty interesting haha they are very different!  Sister G is super super bold!  Listen to this story, k so since the temple is not in our mission, we aren't allowed to go.  BUT.  Sister G wanted to go, so she called president and asked him, and he said no.  But sister G said, 'I'll take a NO from Jesus.  So can you please ask Jesus?' So president asked Jesus, and he allowed her to go to the temple hahahahah.  She's is very bold, and I am learning a lot from her.  She keeps telling me 'sister staheli you are exactly my type.'  I don't have any idea what that means, but I think its good cause she has told me multiple times that she is going to ask president if we can work together next transfer ahah.
-We met this really great girl named EMMA while we were in Aston, and we are meeting with her tonight.  I love her already.
-I have suddenly become in love with scarves, they are amazing.  Plus when I get bored, I just put it around my head and dress up as a muslim ahahahahahahahahah it keeps me entertained during study time. :) :) :)
-Okay so the miracle of the week:  GET THIS EVERYBODY.  So On Sunday  night Sister H had about 2 hours left and we had no idea what to do, cause there was litrally no one on the streets, and we just didn't feel right about finding in the dark.  So we prayed and still nothing came to our minds.  So we just decided to head to the car and see if we could go see someone.  As we were heading to the car garage, we see this cute couple from India, (they are like our friends, we talked to them like a month ago and we see them like all the time), and so we started to talk to them, and they said Hey you guys should come over sometime, and so I was like, 'well we have time now' haha so we went up and had a lesson with them.!!  They are amazing!!  They are hindu, but they basically asked us if they could come to church with us sometime!  They got married in march, and they are still in their 20's!  They gave us some sweets from india too.  I love them so much and I'm super excited to teach them.  Their names are M--- and A--- :) :)
-We had our zone p-day today and it was super fun, I got to see Sister B again so that was great!  And it was halloween themed, so we all dressed up.  Sister H, Sister B, Sister G and I all dressed up as pregnant sister wives. haha I thought it was a pretty good idea!!  
-I am loving my mission more and more everyday!!  This church is so true, and there is nothing else that I would rather be doing!!  Thank you so much for the letters everyone, I read them like everyday almost!!  I love you all, thanks!!!  

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