Monday, October 14, 2013

Hiya luv,

YO YO YO YO YO YO YO!!!  What up.  so this week was once again so fast, and crazy, and I can't believe its already monday again!!!  So there is a bunch that I want to share so I'm just going to jump into it.  
-Okay so last tuesday, when Sister B and I were on exchange, we walked out of our flat towards the bus station, and we walked straight into a strike!!!!!  I guess all the teachers here in south yorkshire, have been on strike, and they were walking down town on tuesday.  They had like all the signs and posters and shirts, and stuff hahaha it was pretty cool!  We walked with them for a bit, but then thought that it would be bad if someone saw us in it.
-It gets dark at like 4 o clock here, so its really sad.
-On wednesday, the relief society had an activity and it was ZUMBA!!!!!! OH YA!!!!!!!!  And we were able to go, because we brought one of our investigators Jackie with us.  It was amazing.  I never thought I liked latin dancing and Zumba until now.  I have turned into a ZUMBA-leiver.
-hahahahahah So I convinced karen that sister B wanted to sing a solo at her baptism.  So that made Karen super excited, and she then said that she wanted us to sing a my plan backfired.....
-On Wednesday I had a great idea to make french toast for lunch, and I had been craving it for like days.  So Sister B and I made it.  And they have had this syrup for like 6 months, and so we pour it all over our food, and out comes these mold chunks.  We had no time or energy to make new food, plus we just used our eggs AND milk AND bread, so we scooped out the mold chunks and ate it anyways.  That was the worst idea I could have ever made.  The mold I think is still growing inside me.  I have felt weird ever since.
-The food is still different, but I like it.......:)
-It rains almost everyday, but it is a nice warm rain!
-Conference was AMAZING!!!  Honestly, it was so good.  Prolly the best conference I have ever watched!!  But I missed half of it:(  I haven't seen the last session, and I only got to watch the second half of the first session.  So I'm very excited to watch the rest of it!!
-I have already pulled out the christmas music! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)  We sing Christmas hymns for study, and we listen to motab christmas during exercise.  Tis the season!
-There are like a lot of Chinese people that live in our flat.  So we always see them around, and they ask us everyday to come hang out with them.  its weird.  I don't know why they want to hang out with us, but its cool I guess haha.
-I found an old risk board underneath my bed.  let's just say that Sister B and I have had an ongoing game of risk for the past week and a half.  And now she's mad cause I just took over most of asia:) :) :) :) :) sorry not sorry:) :) :) :) :) :) 
-Let's see...oh ya!!  So if you watched the world report on tv this weekend, then you were able to see my bishop (Robert McEwen-spelling?) and my stake President (President Dundon), and also my zone leader, and I know most of the people that they showed.  I walk those streets everyday, and the chapel that they showed is the chapel that I go to church in!!  HOLLA
So yeah its pretty cool.
-So this week is the last week of my first transfer!!  I can't believe that I have been out for over a month and a half, its crazy!!  Time flies!!!...kinda.  But ya, next week p-day will be on tuesday due to transfers.  So don't get all stressed, it will just be a day later. 
My highlight of the week was prolly when we did a FHE with a very less-active family (they have been sealed in the temple and everything, and their 12 year old daughter isn't baptized yet:( ) and the mother broke down crying.  It was a very cool experience, and they watched conference this weekend as well.  So they are amazing, and I love them.  And I kicked their trash in scrabble, so that was a self-esteem boost as well.  But yeah it was very good!!  
I love you all very very much, and thank you for all your love and support!!   This church is so true, and this work is truly bigger than us all!!!  Its time for us all to work together and lift where we stand, and the Lord will guide us.  This is his work, and he will not let us fail!!  Cheers. 
-Psalms 23:4

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