Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why hello there family!!  How is everything going back in USA?  Man I heard that our government is shut down or something?  Well thats weird.  At least the queen is still alive...BAHAHAHAHAH!!! SIKE. okay now time to get to the real stuff.  This week has been a great week, very interesting and busy, but still a great week!!  So before I get started...Christmas is coming up, and dad is there any way you could send me a list of all the scriptures relating to Christ and his birth, and just Christ's life in general??  Thanks:) 
-So I have been on my mission for 2 months today....CRAZY.
-There is a family in my ward, the Pegg's, and they love Harry Potter.  He was able to go on scenes when they were filming the final movie and he got to talk to Daniele Radcliffe ON SCENE.  AND, get this, this is the best part.  His wife, Sister Pegg is very very crafty, and so she has made a Plan of Salvation cut out puzzle thing, and it is harry potter themed.  IT WAS HONESTLY THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.!!!  I made a deal with her, we come and clean her house and teach the primary next week (as she is primary president) and she will make me one of those puzzles.  I almost started crying.  It will fit perfectly with my harry potter necklace, and my shirt.  :) :)
-It has rained ALL WEEK LONG. 
-So we have a new flat mate, and her name is Sister G!  She is from Albania, and she is hilarious.  Her grammar isn't all that great, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES to talk about herself and tell stories.  Hahah she is hilarious, cause some of the sayings from albania translate into weird english phrases.  She is always saying: 'oh my days I kill myself', and she says that when she's happy.  And she'll say:'oh I love you so much I eat you'. 
-So Karen still didn't come to church, so her baptism is pushed back again.  She wants to get baptized, and she has even stopped drinking, but she just doesn't come to church.  We talked with her last night and she says that she wants to do it for real this time.  We are working towards her baptism on Nov. 8th.  We will see what happens.
-Sophie and her daughters; Maria and Suzanne, are my favorite people ever!  I love them so much.  Seriously.  They are from Kenya.  Maria is 14 and goes to Young Womens every tuesday, and Suzanne is 9 and is so funny!  They have family in the Chesterfield Branch, and so when they lived with them they went to church every week.  So they have been having the missionaries over for 2 years on and off.  But none of the missionaries have ever taught her the lessons?  I don't know..haha so we have been working with them.  And the best part is that Sophie just got a new job so that she doesn't have to work on Sunday.  So after they get back from holliday in Germany, I know they will be baptized:) :) :)
-We have also been teaching a former investigators mother and siblings.  Her name is Siferia and her two daughters are Dianna and Anna.  They are from Nigeria, and they are very religious.  They love the Book of Mormon, and its great. :)  They just have a hard time coming to church, cause they attend their own church with Pastor Dave.  But yeah they are great as well.
-People love to bash with us hahahah its really funny!  They invite us over to their house for a return appointment, and they brought their pastor over to bible bash with us.  I just bare my testimony and leave hahahahahahahahahahahahha its the funniest thing ever.  Cause they want to fight, and then I say, 'Well I love the bible, and I know its true, but have you even read the book of mormon?  I have read both, and I can't deny the book of mormon to be true!!'
-One family was bashing with us, but in a nice way, and they were really nice people, I really liked them a lot.  So the next day I wrote my testimony of the book of mormon down on a piece of paper and dropped it off at their door with a book of mormon.  :)
-Things are really looking up for our area, we have been working with a lot of less actives and also with the members.  We know that if we want to teach KINGDOM BUILDERS, then we need the members to give us refferals.  So we have been working on trying to build really good member relationships.  
-I'm pretty sure thats all that is really new with me.  Except for the fact that Sister H is a crazy driver, everything is great here!  I love my mission and I love it here in Sheffield!!!  This church is true, and there is no denying it!!  Well I love you all so much, and I miss you.  But I have work to do here, and I just love my mission so much!!
Love you!!
ps can you tell kylee and kim dahl to write me? thanks!"

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