Tuesday, November 5, 2013

HAHAHAHAHAHHA whats up !!!!  Okay so this week has truly been incredible!!!!!!  Seriously, sooo many miracles happened this week, it was unbelievable!!!  So before I get started, I will fill you all in on the drama/gossip that has been going down (not really, but I like calling it that cause its the closest thing I get to some drama :) ).  So the Sheffield 4 sisters (my flat mates-sister b and sister g) have been emergency transfered!  For a couple reasons, but mostly because the area that all the slovaks live is super super dodgy, and now that it gets dark at like 4:30 every day, we work more in the night time than in the daylight, and its sketchy.  So they have been transfered to whitewash Rotherham, and its basically like 20 minutes down the road hahah so its not too far, but they did move zones.  So now it makes exchanges a little bit more tricky, especially since they got transfered in the middle of a transfer.  So on thursday I was on exchange, and I was in Rotherham.  And it is basically doing the exact same thing that Sister h and I did, like a month ago ahhahahaha so ya.  But now its super weird, cause its only Sister H and I are in our flat.  So I mean its WAY more clean now, which is a good thing,but also its very lonely and quiet.  But ya there are definitely pros and cons to the situation.  But also, since they moved, they randomly decided to have sister h and I move districts?  who knows why haha.  But now Elder Syndelick is my district leader, and we have the Allens in our district and the zone leaders- all of which work with the slovaks in Sheffield 4.  OH YA AND 1 MORE THING, they took away our car!!!!!  Well actually we voluntarily gave it up!  Which might be weird, but I'm super stoked about, cause now I don't have to worry about getting in a car crash.  Seriously, I almost died like 20 times this week cause driving is sketchy.  And now it wil be easier to find people to teach, because bus contacting is like my favorite.  OKAY NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF. :)
  This week we SCHEDULED!!!!!!!!!!!!LASDJFLAJKDLAFJLDJ!!!!!  And we scheduled 1, 2, 3 People!!!!!!  oh my gosh! So we rescheduled Karen for the 27th of november (I KNOW SHE WILL BE BAPTIZED), Liam for the 23rd- We met him like 2 weeks ago on the street, and he is great, and then we scheduled Melissa for the 30th.  They all have problems with the Word of Wisdom, but ya know I don't care, cause I know that they are great. :)  Oh ya, Kwin-the car we had was a Toyota Versa s-2013 you can look it up, it wasn't as cool as bundy(my car) is:)  So apparently, people think that I am from albania, cause both my first adn last name is very common in Albania?  Any chance that I'm adopted??  weird.  Okay next thing.  I had my first fish and chips this week, actually on halloween!!  it was honestly the best thing I have ever tasted besides Cafe Rio!  I was like crying!  no joke.  it was delicious.  And so this week there has been like a huge party week for a lot England, and so we aren't allowed to go out much at night, because of where we live, and the culture.  Everyone look  up Poppy day here in England, and the 5th of november.  Its like a huge celebration, and they have fireworks, and we have to wear poppies on our clothes for the next 2 weeks, otherwise people get super mad and stuff. everyone keeps saying "remember, remember the 5th of november!'  who knows, peple here are crazy!!  Anyways.  Things are going great, and I got your package, and so THANK YOU SO MUCH THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS!!  I LOVE YOU ALL.   and thats basically it!  Happy birthday shout out to Andy, to my Avi:)  have a great week. peace and crumpets all.

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