Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh hiya duck (people say that here, its really weird, I still don't get it).  So this week has seriously gone by so fast.  Like I feel like its Sunday then Monday every day!!!  So imma just get straight to it, cause I have a lot of stuff to write this week.
-So last monday we went to Chatsworth, otherwise known as PEMBERLEY.  It was pretty much the best thing of my life.  I was practically crying the whole time.  But since it is close to Christmas,they had some decorations up which kinda made it look a little tacky, but it was still great.  It was a Lion the witch and the wardrobe-Narnia themed.  haha.  But it was amazing. 
-While we were at Chatsworth, we wanted to check out the hunting tower that is about a mile up the hill in the forest, and it is the same tower that they kept Mary Queen of Scotts in.  So we (me, Sister H, Sister Wilson and her three  year old son jack) start like hiking up the hill to get there.  And the people at the desk gave us directions which were super super vague directions, so we ended up hiking for an hour and a half, and then we decided that we were lost.  so we some how ended up at this creepy little lake in the middle of the forest above Chatsworth, and Sister Wilson called the place and so they sent out search and rescue vans for us. hahahahahahahah.  So after about 20 minutes it is completely pitch black, and her poor son is crying, and I'm not going to lie I was freaking out. ha.  So we decided to start walking towards this tree, and then all of a sudden I see some lights, so I book it down the hill, like no path or anything, and finally reach the car.  They were just about to give up and go back, and luckily we found them.  They told us that the lake that we were at is called ELEPHANTS GRAVEYARD.  I have no idea why its called that, and I'm not sure I want to know hahahah.
-So this past week we worked a ton with the less active families from our ward, and it paid off, cause we had FIVE yes five less actives at church, so that was great.  #winning
-okay so before I forget, I need you all to do me a favor.  Or I guess its a challenge.  It doesn't matter, you can look at it whatever way you want.  I want you ALL to go to the temple this week.  I am out here dying to go to the temple, and I just miss it so much.  SO PLEASE JUST GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK, AND THINK OF ME THE WHOLE TIME OKAY.  That is my grown up Christmas list.:) Well that, and for Karen to stop smoking.
-So before I forget as well, next week is transfers, so my p-day will be on Tuesday, so I will get to email on Tuesday, not Monday.
-So I love living in the city during Christmas time, they have a ton of cool markets up and its so fesstive!! 
-For some reason no one can pronounce STAHELI, they call me sister STEELEEEEEEYYYY! Gosh, I hate it.  So I told them instead of insulting me to just call me Sister S.  So that's what they do. #staheli'sunite
-This morning I had a huge delivery of food to the flat, so THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!  Now I can have a good thanksgiving dinner:) :) :)
-Karen's liver is still not fully healed, so she has been in and out of the hospital all week, but she is getting better.  She has set a date to stop smoking, for Christmas day.  So hopefully that can happen.
-This week we have been so blessed, and we have found a bunch of new people to teach, and so that means that we are going to be even more busy than we usually are.
-We handed Liam over to the other ward, as he does not live in our area.:(
-I love the scriptures. SO MUCH.
-People still think I'm from london, and its weirding me out.
-I have become very good at eating the way that people do here, with the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right hand.  I feel very proper.
-I have heard that it will snow this week:(
-We have walked so much this week, probly at least 20 miles.
-I think that we will have to focus less on Sophie, Maria, and Suzanne.  They just keep flogging us:(
-I love you all so much, and thanks for all the support!!!  You have no idea how much it means to me!!  This church is so true, and we need to keep fighting.  We can;t give up, god has a plan for each of us!!  Please keep going strong!!  I love you all!!  #1 Peter 1:6-9 #cheers
                                 Chattsworth  (Pemberly- from PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE)

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