Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey there!!  Okay so i'm going to just get straight down to business cause I am super short on time this week...sorry:)  
-So Sister H and I have been doing a bunch of finding this week, cause well all of the people we have been teaching aren't really progressing all that much, so we have been working a lot in the outer bank villages.
-On Saturday we spent like the whole day in ASTON!!!!!!!!!  It was really cool to be able to walk around and imagine my ancestors doing the same.  They have some really beautiful houses there, and I picked out which ones I think our fam lived in.  
-Would it be possible to find out exactly where in Aston they lived?
-Karen:.........We have had a super hard time coming in contact with her.  She is very poor, so she has no credit on her phone and so she is kind of a hit and miss.  She is really great, and I know that she will become a member of this church at some point in time, It just might not be while I'm here.  So we have decided to give her a week off, but start up strong with her again in a week or two.
-Exchanges are pretty interesting haha they are very different!  Sister G is super super bold!  Listen to this story, k so since the temple is not in our mission, we aren't allowed to go.  BUT.  Sister G wanted to go, so she called president and asked him, and he said no.  But sister G said, 'I'll take a NO from Jesus.  So can you please ask Jesus?' So president asked Jesus, and he allowed her to go to the temple hahahahah.  She's is very bold, and I am learning a lot from her.  She keeps telling me 'sister staheli you are exactly my type.'  I don't have any idea what that means, but I think its good cause she has told me multiple times that she is going to ask president if we can work together next transfer ahah.
-We met this really great girl named EMMA while we were in Aston, and we are meeting with her tonight.  I love her already.
-I have suddenly become in love with scarves, they are amazing.  Plus when I get bored, I just put it around my head and dress up as a muslim ahahahahahahahahah it keeps me entertained during study time. :) :) :)
-Okay so the miracle of the week:  GET THIS EVERYBODY.  So On Sunday  night Sister H had about 2 hours left and we had no idea what to do, cause there was litrally no one on the streets, and we just didn't feel right about finding in the dark.  So we prayed and still nothing came to our minds.  So we just decided to head to the car and see if we could go see someone.  As we were heading to the car garage, we see this cute couple from India, (they are like our friends, we talked to them like a month ago and we see them like all the time), and so we started to talk to them, and they said Hey you guys should come over sometime, and so I was like, 'well we have time now' haha so we went up and had a lesson with them.!!  They are amazing!!  They are hindu, but they basically asked us if they could come to church with us sometime!  They got married in march, and they are still in their 20's!  They gave us some sweets from india too.  I love them so much and I'm super excited to teach them.  Their names are M--- and A--- :) :)
-We had our zone p-day today and it was super fun, I got to see Sister B again so that was great!  And it was halloween themed, so we all dressed up.  Sister H, Sister B, Sister G and I all dressed up as pregnant sister wives. haha I thought it was a pretty good idea!!  
-I am loving my mission more and more everyday!!  This church is so true, and there is nothing else that I would rather be doing!!  Thank you so much for the letters everyone, I read them like everyday almost!!  I love you all, thanks!!!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why hello there family!!  How is everything going back in USA?  Man I heard that our government is shut down or something?  Well thats weird.  At least the queen is still alive...BAHAHAHAHAH!!! SIKE. okay now time to get to the real stuff.  This week has been a great week, very interesting and busy, but still a great week!!  So before I get started...Christmas is coming up, and dad is there any way you could send me a list of all the scriptures relating to Christ and his birth, and just Christ's life in general??  Thanks:) 
-So I have been on my mission for 2 months today....CRAZY.
-There is a family in my ward, the Pegg's, and they love Harry Potter.  He was able to go on scenes when they were filming the final movie and he got to talk to Daniele Radcliffe ON SCENE.  AND, get this, this is the best part.  His wife, Sister Pegg is very very crafty, and so she has made a Plan of Salvation cut out puzzle thing, and it is harry potter themed.  IT WAS HONESTLY THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.!!!  I made a deal with her, we come and clean her house and teach the primary next week (as she is primary president) and she will make me one of those puzzles.  I almost started crying.  It will fit perfectly with my harry potter necklace, and my shirt.  :) :)
-It has rained ALL WEEK LONG. 
-So we have a new flat mate, and her name is Sister G!  She is from Albania, and she is hilarious.  Her grammar isn't all that great, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES to talk about herself and tell stories.  Hahah she is hilarious, cause some of the sayings from albania translate into weird english phrases.  She is always saying: 'oh my days I kill myself', and she says that when she's happy.  And she'll say:'oh I love you so much I eat you'. 
-So Karen still didn't come to church, so her baptism is pushed back again.  She wants to get baptized, and she has even stopped drinking, but she just doesn't come to church.  We talked with her last night and she says that she wants to do it for real this time.  We are working towards her baptism on Nov. 8th.  We will see what happens.
-Sophie and her daughters; Maria and Suzanne, are my favorite people ever!  I love them so much.  Seriously.  They are from Kenya.  Maria is 14 and goes to Young Womens every tuesday, and Suzanne is 9 and is so funny!  They have family in the Chesterfield Branch, and so when they lived with them they went to church every week.  So they have been having the missionaries over for 2 years on and off.  But none of the missionaries have ever taught her the lessons?  I don't know..haha so we have been working with them.  And the best part is that Sophie just got a new job so that she doesn't have to work on Sunday.  So after they get back from holliday in Germany, I know they will be baptized:) :) :)
-We have also been teaching a former investigators mother and siblings.  Her name is Siferia and her two daughters are Dianna and Anna.  They are from Nigeria, and they are very religious.  They love the Book of Mormon, and its great. :)  They just have a hard time coming to church, cause they attend their own church with Pastor Dave.  But yeah they are great as well.
-People love to bash with us hahahah its really funny!  They invite us over to their house for a return appointment, and they brought their pastor over to bible bash with us.  I just bare my testimony and leave hahahahahahahahahahahahha its the funniest thing ever.  Cause they want to fight, and then I say, 'Well I love the bible, and I know its true, but have you even read the book of mormon?  I have read both, and I can't deny the book of mormon to be true!!'
-One family was bashing with us, but in a nice way, and they were really nice people, I really liked them a lot.  So the next day I wrote my testimony of the book of mormon down on a piece of paper and dropped it off at their door with a book of mormon.  :)
-Things are really looking up for our area, we have been working with a lot of less actives and also with the members.  We know that if we want to teach KINGDOM BUILDERS, then we need the members to give us refferals.  So we have been working on trying to build really good member relationships.  
-I'm pretty sure thats all that is really new with me.  Except for the fact that Sister H is a crazy driver, everything is great here!  I love my mission and I love it here in Sheffield!!!  This church is true, and there is no denying it!!  Well I love you all so much, and I miss you.  But I have work to do here, and I just love my mission so much!!
Love you!!
ps can you tell kylee and kim dahl to write me? thanks!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

                                    Sister Staheli with Sister B from Alabama.
                                   So happy to get her Halloween package.


Hiya!!!!  Okay so you ready for the big news!!!!!!!!!!!......I GET TO STAY IN SHEFFIELD!!  And I get to stay with Sister H!!  I am so grateful to stay here.  Now that I know that my family joined the church in the exact village that I work in everyday, I never want to leave.  This feels like my home.  Plus, I have a lot of unfinished business left to do here.  So ya, Sister H and I are staying the same, but my part time companion Sister B is getting transfered a whole 40 minutes away to Chesterfield.  So that's super super super sad, and I will miss her a lot.  Luckily she will still be in the same zone, so I will see her every week.  But that means that I am getting a new flat mate, and a new part time companion.  Her name is Sister G  and she is 26, and from ALBANIA.  Yeah.  So that's pretty tight.  We will pick her up tomorrow, and I'm super excited.  I hear she is very very good.  And Sister Burningham also trained her, so thats kinda funny.  But yeah now in our flat it will be: Denmark + Albania + Sweden + AMERICA= no thanksgiving for me:( hahahahahaha jk.  But the best thing happened this week.  I RECEIVED A PACKAGE FROM THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg, that was my reaction.  THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!  Seriously.  It made me so happy, and the things inside were even better!!!  I have already decorated our flat, and it is great!!!  Plus, I have slept with the little toy cat that you sent me too, so THANKS:)  Plus, I brought the fake teeth to church and showed all the little kids, and they were cracking up haha.  Okay so this week was once again a pretty crazy week!!  Okay so here are just random thoughts and things:
-So the gypsies have like no money, cause the government supports them all, and so they are always complaining about being poor, and having no money, yet they always feed us!!!  like it will be 8 o clock at night, and we will have just stopped by to say hello or something, and they will bring out HUGE plates of food, that is super interesting.  But its super nice of them.  I just don't understand them haha.
-This past week I had to pull out my coat, and I haven't taken it off since.  All of a sudden there has been a breeze coming from the north that is 12 degrees colder than the weather or something, (I don't know, someone just told me that on the street), so it has been Freezing!!  Luckily I have a great coat, and some nice wool socks:)
-I used to hate apple, raspberry, and blackberry pie.  After having to eat it a million times, I have tricked myself into loving it. Weird.
-We have started making soup as meals, cause its cheap and its warm and its healthy.  So when I wake up, its pitch black, and it smells good, and I think its christmas:)
-Last night I ran into the crazy possesed Jehovah's witness again......................................... my heart was going crazy.  she's crazy.  She wants us to come back........................
-We have been working with this less-active/part member family, and we go over and have a FHE lesson with them and then we play scrabble.  Needless to say I hustled them into coming to church hahahahahahahahaha.  I pretended to be not very good, but then I ended up killing them.  Everyone here thinks that americans don't have good english, but SORRY.
-A young woman in our ward asked us what class we take in high school instead of English.  I don't know......................................?
-We have to push Karen's baptism back a few weeks, but no worries, I know that she will straighten up soon.
-We have found a few families that we are teaching, so YAY!!!!!!!
-I will be spending all of our finding time in ASTON now, and I will find our ancestors and convert them.  #STAHELI'S
I love you all so much, and thank you again for everything!!  I am so grateful for all the love and support!!  I love you all!!  This church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sister Staheli

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sheffield Zone Conference

                                                 Sheffield Zone Conference
                                                 She is finally wearing tights we
                                                 have heard it is getting cold there.

                                         Sister Staheli(right) and Sister E.  leaving
                                          the MTC  on their way to Leeds to
                                          meet the Mission President.
                                         Sister McKell Staheli with her companion Sister H.

Oct. 14 Sheffield District

This picture comes from Brother and Sister Allen who are Senior missionaries serving in 
Sheffield with Sister Staheli

Hiya luv,

YO YO YO YO YO YO YO!!!  What up.  so this week was once again so fast, and crazy, and I can't believe its already monday again!!!  So there is a bunch that I want to share so I'm just going to jump into it.  
-Okay so last tuesday, when Sister B and I were on exchange, we walked out of our flat towards the bus station, and we walked straight into a strike!!!!!  I guess all the teachers here in south yorkshire, have been on strike, and they were walking down town on tuesday.  They had like all the signs and posters and shirts, and stuff hahaha it was pretty cool!  We walked with them for a bit, but then thought that it would be bad if someone saw us in it.
-It gets dark at like 4 o clock here, so its really sad.
-On wednesday, the relief society had an activity and it was ZUMBA!!!!!! OH YA!!!!!!!!  And we were able to go, because we brought one of our investigators Jackie with us.  It was amazing.  I never thought I liked latin dancing and Zumba until now.  I have turned into a ZUMBA-leiver.
-hahahahahah So I convinced karen that sister B wanted to sing a solo at her baptism.  So that made Karen super excited, and she then said that she wanted us to sing a my plan backfired.....
-On Wednesday I had a great idea to make french toast for lunch, and I had been craving it for like days.  So Sister B and I made it.  And they have had this syrup for like 6 months, and so we pour it all over our food, and out comes these mold chunks.  We had no time or energy to make new food, plus we just used our eggs AND milk AND bread, so we scooped out the mold chunks and ate it anyways.  That was the worst idea I could have ever made.  The mold I think is still growing inside me.  I have felt weird ever since.
-The food is still different, but I like it.......:)
-It rains almost everyday, but it is a nice warm rain!
-Conference was AMAZING!!!  Honestly, it was so good.  Prolly the best conference I have ever watched!!  But I missed half of it:(  I haven't seen the last session, and I only got to watch the second half of the first session.  So I'm very excited to watch the rest of it!!
-I have already pulled out the christmas music! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)  We sing Christmas hymns for study, and we listen to motab christmas during exercise.  Tis the season!
-There are like a lot of Chinese people that live in our flat.  So we always see them around, and they ask us everyday to come hang out with them.  its weird.  I don't know why they want to hang out with us, but its cool I guess haha.
-I found an old risk board underneath my bed.  let's just say that Sister B and I have had an ongoing game of risk for the past week and a half.  And now she's mad cause I just took over most of asia:) :) :) :) :) sorry not sorry:) :) :) :) :) :) 
-Let's see...oh ya!!  So if you watched the world report on tv this weekend, then you were able to see my bishop (Robert McEwen-spelling?) and my stake President (President Dundon), and also my zone leader, and I know most of the people that they showed.  I walk those streets everyday, and the chapel that they showed is the chapel that I go to church in!!  HOLLA
So yeah its pretty cool.
-So this week is the last week of my first transfer!!  I can't believe that I have been out for over a month and a half, its crazy!!  Time flies!!!...kinda.  But ya, next week p-day will be on tuesday due to transfers.  So don't get all stressed, it will just be a day later. 
My highlight of the week was prolly when we did a FHE with a very less-active family (they have been sealed in the temple and everything, and their 12 year old daughter isn't baptized yet:( ) and the mother broke down crying.  It was a very cool experience, and they watched conference this weekend as well.  So they are amazing, and I love them.  And I kicked their trash in scrabble, so that was a self-esteem boost as well.  But yeah it was very good!!  
I love you all very very much, and thank you for all your love and support!!   This church is so true, and this work is truly bigger than us all!!!  Its time for us all to work together and lift where we stand, and the Lord will guide us.  This is his work, and he will not let us fail!!  Cheers. 
-Psalms 23:4