Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yo Yo Fam Jan. 27, 2014

Yo yo what up fam!  Okay so this week was a good one!!  So before I start, I had an interview with President Pilkington on Thursday at one of our meetings, and right after the closing prayer, he told me to write to my mom on monday and tell her how much President Pilkington loves her.  He said that he doesn't even know my mom, but he likes her already because of how she raised me and because she sent me here to Leeds.  Hahaha so there ya go mom, President really likes you.  I LOVE PRESIDENT, HE IS SO AMAZING!!  Really, he is such an inspired man.  He is great.  Last p-day, he called us and was just asking how we were doing, and he told us that he was going to take Sisters out of Louth just because the area is such a mess, but he felt like he should put us here, and he is so happy he did.  So yeah, a lot the work that Sister Scott and I do is just cleaning this area up and rebuilding the member relations and stuff.  But yeah its going great.  So ya, on thursday we had a Zone meeting and President instructed there, so it was really entertaining and fun to be around other missionaries, cause sister Scott and I are so far away from everyone.  Even though we are the only sisters in our zone, it was still refreshing to see other people.  It has been so rainy here!!  Like it hasn't stopped raining for like WEEKS.  Srsly.  Its so wet.  And, its becoming dangerous because we are by the coast so it already has really bad flooding and so everyone is freaking out.  The rain has made this week quite difficult actually, because for starters, it made me sick.  I have had a really bad cold since like wednesday, and so we actually haven't really had all that much time to actually work.  Cause I got sick, and then Sister Scott got sick. hahahaa.  So yeah.  I think we are finally on the rebound and are going to be able to work this week.  Hopefully:)  So N is doing so good, and President loves him and he calls him sometimes just to see how he is doing.  So thats great.  He is still working on his challenges.  And P is doing great as well.  He is living all the commandments and is so ready for baptism, but he just needs to come to church!!  As soon as he comes to church, he will get baptized.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TANGLED AND FOR THE TIGHTS.  It really came in handy when we were stuck in the flat this past week.  thanks:)  But on the up-side, I have been able to get some studying done for my super super hard driving test that i'm freaking out about. haha.  I have to read this huge book, that I have no time to read and do all of these practice tests and stuff.  I still have like 3 or 4 weeks until I take my test, but still I'm stressing ha.  Sister Scott is so great!"!!!  Seriously I love her so much!!  I am so grateful that I get to work from her!  It doesn't feel like I'm working with my companion at all, it feels like I'm just living with one of my best friends!  And seriously, she is like one of my best friendS!!  We just laugh and laugh and laugh about everything.  We have the same sense of humor and Sarcasm so it works really well.  WE have a lot of fun together!  Anyways, things are going great here!  And by the sounds of it, we might be getting a car soon so that will be even better!!  Oh ya, I forgot to tell you last week!  2 p-days ago we got so bored so Sister Scott cut my hair...haha it actually looks pretty decent.  I might let it grow out a bit more and then I'll go get it styled.  But hey I love you guys so much, and I'm still waiting on those HANDWRITTEN LETTERS family:) :) :)  LOVE YOU!!

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