Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan. 7. 2014-Transfers??

HELLO THERE!!!!!!!!!!  OH my goodness this week has truly been a crazy one!  Okay so lets jsut start off with the juicy news that I know you are all dying to hear.  So transfer calls were last night, and I am staying in Louth!!!!!!!!!!!  BUT......Sister Sewell is getting transferred up north to Stanley.  My new companion is Sister Scott, she is from Arizona and she came out the same time as Sister Beesley.  We followed her blog, remember?  Anyways, I'm super excited but kinda really freaking out.  I feel like I am white washing all over again, and in a way I am.  I have no idea where anything is, and I have only met like 2 members.  So I'm grateful for this opportunity again, but I'm kinda stressed.  Haha I'm taking over the area that I have only been in for like a week.  So we will see how these next few months go. HAHA.  But the members that I have met are so great.  They love the missionaries.  It is a pretty small branch, yet the area is huge.  The branch is like split-half of them are super old and the other half are children. ahah its great!  I really love the area!!  I was able to go to the coast this week, and have lunch there.  It is so beautiful!!  I took some pretty pictures, but I forgot my camera, so ya'll will have to wait until next monday for pics.  sorry:)  It rains like ten times more over here closer to the coast, and the wind is so STRONG.  Seriously, I thought it was bad in Sheffield, but it is crazy here.  And the villages over by the coast (Sutton-on-sea and Mablethorp....look them up cause they are tourist towns and are so pretty) are like constantly on flood warnings haha.  But its so great!  The accent here is much easier to listen to then in Yorkshire, I can actually understand what people are saying:)  And people here still ask  me why my accent doesn't sound American.  I don't know....its weird.  But Yes, we have been doing quite a lot of finding this past week.  I actually really like to go knocking now, the people are alot nicer here than in Sheffield!  Since the other sister that was here was hurt, they had to stay in for like 5 weeks straight, meaning that the area is pretty dead.  We have 1 investigator named P, and he is so great.  He is solid, and has overcome a lot of things, and he is still interesting in baptism.  If anyone is prepared, its him.  But I'd  have to say that the biggest miracle was a referral we received from the misson office.  We went and stopped by and set up a return appointment and we taught them last night.  Their names are M and M.  They are married and I would say in their late 50's?  But it was her sister who lives in the states that referred her.  It was a great lesson, and the spirit was definitely there.  I'm pretty excited to see where it goes with them.  Anyways, that's basically my week.  I have been studying Endure to the End, and I have changed the title to Enjoy to the End, cause thats what life is all about.  Being able to not only endure through life and the experiences we go through, but to enjoy ourselves and have fun doing it.  I hope you all have a great week, I love you all!!!! 
oh ya and my new address is:
5 Old School Court
Eastfield Road
LN11 7AH
Love ya:)
-Sister Staheli

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