Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello!!  Okay first off.....FAMILY WHAT THE HECK.  I haven't received a letter from you guys since like November!  Its been like 3 months!  Come on!!!  Write me gosh dang it!!  Okay thanks. :)
Okay so this week has been pretty busy and interesting.  We have done a bunch of finding.  Which has shown to be pretty successful, cause we found 1 new investigator this week, and found a bunch of potentials that we will be seeing this week.  So yeah it has been great, and now we both feel like we are familiar with the area and the members and we actually have our feet on the ground. 
-So we found N this week.  It was actually a great story!  So I was kinda getting sick of finding all day long, so I prayed really hard that we would have an opportunity to do some service that day.  So while we were out, both sister Scott and I felt like we should go visit a member that lived close by that neither of us really knew that well.  So we stopped by and it was so perfect, cause she was like all stressed cause she needed to get like all of these boxes moved and into the other room, and she has a bad back, so it was like so inspired that we were there so that we could help her move the boxes.  PRAYER ANSWERED.  And then like after 15 minutes the worker guys who she was waiting for to do some stuff showed up, and she was super stressed, and then her phone rang and it was her friend N.  And N had taken lessons from missionaries previously, and had been coming to church like 1 out of every 4 weeks for the past 8 or 9 months.  So she just told him that she was sending the missionaries over, and to expect us.  So we went over there and got to know him a bit, and talked to him.  He has some challenges, but he is great.  He is hilarious.  He is 56.  So then he came to church and I was like cracking up hahaha. President and Sister Pilkington came to speak to our branch on sunday and it was amazing.  Honestly I just love them so much.  Seriously.  But it was funny, cause Sister Scott plays the piano for sacrament meeting cause there isn't anybody else that can do it ha.  But she chose like the loudest like most motivation songs ever, Cause N, he loves to sing.  And So the last song was HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION, and verse 7 was SO FUNNY cause Neil was liike screaming it.  haha I'LL NEVER NO NEVER NO NEVER haha oh my gosh and President Pilkington just loves him and gave him a hug after Sacrament meeting and he told him that he would speak at his baptism if he got baptized.  So yeah it was really great.
-The people here are like either super super nice or super super rude.  There is no in between.  but the nice people definitely out-weigh the bad.  There are some really great people here!!
-Louth is like super super posh.  The houses are huge compared to Sheffield, and so big.  There are some little villages that when i'm walking through them i feel like i'm walking through Downton Abbey.  its really beautiful here.  And there are lots of really old churches and stuff.  Its a really old town.
-The Sister Training leaders were on exchange with us this week, and so it was nice to be able to be with other missionaries.  haha We are so isolated and so far away from everyone that we hardly ever see any other missionaries.  So it was fun!
-Have you guys ever seen Frozen??  Anyways, I'm obsessed with it, and the music is so good.  We listen to it everyday non stop. 
-Happy birthday to my nephew Jonah!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!  I'll be expecting to get some letters from you soon!  Love you!

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