Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feb. 10, 2014

Yo!  What up family!!  Things are going great here in Louth!  Seriously!  I love it here, and I LOVE my companion.  She is so great!!  And we get along so well its weird.  She will forever be one of my best and closest friends.  Its great, because we get along so well, we don't have to worry about fixing things with each other, we can just focus 100 % on helping the branch and finding people to teach.  And it has been working!  This week, unfortunately Sister Scott still has her cold, but the weather has been a lot better.  Its actually quite weird because it has been pretty warm here.  We have had the windows open, and its been clear sunny days, but its still cold, but warm for a mid february winter day.  Its been nice. :)  So update on my driving license.  I now have my provisional license, which is like the equavilent to a learners permit.  So now this week I have to take 2 hours worth of driving lessons, and then once I hit my 6 month mark in like 2 weeks, I will be able to take my theory test, or the written test.  And then after I pass that, I can take the driving test.  Which is what everyone fails like 5 times.  So yeah, things are moving along.  And our Zone Leaders told us this past week, that we should be getting a car by next transfer, so like within 2  weeks.  So that will be so great, we will be able to get out to the million and 8 little villages that the buses don't get to.  And Sister Scott can drive, so we won't have to wait until I pass my test, so its great.  But yeah, so thats my next step, I already called a guy so I can take driving lessons from.  I'm excited to drive again:)  It will be a bit weird though.  But this week we truly saw miracles.  Seriously.  Louth is like the promised land, we are seeing miracles every day.  Sister Scott and I pray EVERY NIGHT that we will stay together next transfer.  We will see what happens.  But President called us again this morning and just told us how proud he was of what we were doing, and the work that was moving along in Louth.  ITs been a long time since things have been happening, and so he is so happy.  Which hopefully means that we will get to stay.  Next week is transfers, so we will find out.  But miracles of the week:
1.  So we were out in Sutton-on-sea.  A tiny little seaside village that has a population of like 300 people hahhahahahah, and we were visiting a less active family, and we had some spare time, so we decided to street contact.  And there weren't many people out, like usual, but there was this one woman.  She was walking fairly fast, so I was super hesitant to talk to her, but I just felt like I had too anyways.  And the first thing that popped out of my mouth was that I liked her scarf.  Her whole countenace changed.  And you could tell that she was just beaming.  She stopped and talked to us for a good 25 minutes.  I was able to testify of our Savior and give her a book of mormon.  Before she left she took her scarf off her neck and put it around mine.  I insisted that I didn't need it and that it looked better on her, but she wouldn't listen. I am not sure if I will ever see this lady again, but it was an amazing experience.
2. So there is this man named M, that we have been talking to for a few days now, and we were supposed to meet with him on Saturday but he cancelled so we invited him to church instead.  We didn't think he would come but we still hoped, and prayed super hard.  Anyways, in the middle of sacrament, which is our last hour, I turn around and sure enough M is just sitting in the back of the room in the corner listening.  Hahaha he had his combat boots and his leather jacket and his nose ring in, but he came.  And he rode his bike there, and he walked in late-which takes so much courage.  So it was a miracle.
3.  L.  I am not sure if I told you about her, but she is amazing.  She is gettting so close to baptism.  She has family in utah that are members, and she is seriously so great.  I have already seen it change her.  Se is in her 20's, and she is engaged, BUT she doesn't live with her fiance, which is a big deal. 
Anyways, I'm outta time.  But I love my mission so much!!  I'm having a blast!!  You won't hear from me til tuesday cause its transfers, but I love you guys!  Take care!

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