Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feb. 4, 2014

Hey family!  I made sure to send some pictures home first so that I had enough time and that I didn't forget!  Anyways, this week has been a good one!  It has flown by, once again.  This week it hasn't stopped raining!!!!!!!!!!!!  At all!!  Seriously.  Anyways, Sister Scott and I are still sick.  Its super frustrating.  We think that we are over our cold, but then we go back out into the freezing rain and just get sick all over again. hahahaha its actually pretty funny.  Sister Pilkington is gettting mad at us cause we aren't getting enough time to rest, but I just hate staying inside our flat.  But I really think that we are on the rebound to get better this week.  At least I hope so!!!  Okay so to answer some of your questions....Like nobody here gets married!  Practtically only members of the church are married.  People will live together for like 20 years and have 4 kids together, but they just don't get married.  They all just live with their "Partners".  We don't usually ride the bikes, because its too cold, and its too wet.  But its pretty nice today so we rode them to the library.  But yeah, this is only my 3rd time riding the bikes.  WE usually just walk everywhere.  There are only like 3 youth in the whole branch ha, we are trying to start working more with the youth, cause there are a few less actives, but yeah there aren't that many.  We had to give talks yesterday, with no notice, they just called us up to the stand. hahah oh the joys of being a missionary:) :) :) :) And yes, because I'm a missionary, everyone just automatically assumes that I am good with music. haha luckily Sister Scott is like a wizard on the piano, so she can play and I can lead the music.  But yeah we are like the branch's music slaves haha:)  So yeah basically there was a huge miracle this week!!  It was with Brother I ( a less active member for 10 years) and his friend M.  So we went and visited Brother I last week and like the first thing he said to us was that he had a friend that he wanted us to meet.  And he was just explaining to us how he wants to come back and how he knows that he needs to because he know's its true.  But while we were with him, Sister Scott and I both had the same impression that he needs to be our Branch mission leader.  Anyways, we set up to meet Brother I and his friend M at this baptism in Grimsby.  So we meet them there, and it was a miracle.  He has been talking to M since like June and he gave her a gospel principles book and a bom, and she read them all and cried through them. hahah.  So while we were at the baptism, she was like bearing her testimony to us on how she knew that the Joseph Smith was a prophet and that she could never deny him.  AND, get this.  Brother I was talking to the Bishop of the Grimsby ward, and then the bishop came up to us afterwards and told us that he thinks that Brother I will be our branch mission leader soon.  hahah.  it was a miracle.  M is so prepared.  She is great, and she lives in the coolest little village in the oldest house.  It dates back to like the 13th century.  Anyways, it was a miracle.  I love it here, and I love England!!  I'm so grateful for this gospel.  It has given me so  much perspective on life!  This gospel changes people, and its amazing!  I've physically seen it change people, and I'm so grateful for that!  Hey thanks so much for the letters this week family!  You guys are da best:) :)  My driving test is coming up and I'm still freaking out haha.  I love you all, and I hope you are having a great week!!

                                     Sister Scott and I, you can see the Louth cathedral in the back.

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