Thursday, February 20, 2014

What up fam!!  Okay so drum roll please...................SISTER SCOTT AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER IN LOUTH!!  My prayers were answered! haha we were both praying so hard that we would be able to stay here another transfer because we have so much fun together, and because our teaching pool is growing so fast, we have too many things to do this transfer to change things up.  So yeah, we are both pretty excited!  There should be some great things happening in Louth this transfer.  So this past week was pretty good!  Sister Scott and I are still battling a pretty bad cold, and its been hard for us to truly get better.  So I think that this week we will be put on an anti-biotic to help us get better.  So no need to worry:)  But I got the valentines package-both from you family, and my cute sisters, and from the ball's!  So thank you!!  I practically was crying when I saw the cat blanket.  It was the best thing ever!  And thank you so much Kim and Shallan, I LOVE THE WATCH AND NAIL POLISH.  I have the best family!!  And the skirt is so cute mom, thank you.  You are amazing!  So it has been so wet this past week, its unbelievable.  It also started snowing here. haha but snow in england is just like bigger and wetter and colder rain drops, LITERALLY.  It doesn't stick, and it just blows from every angle possible.  Sister Scott and I were wet all week long hahahaha its great.  And it makes people more willing to let us inside when we are knocking, so all is great:) :) :)  I also had my driving lessons this past week, and it went great!  It was definitely interesting.  It was harder than I expected it to be hahahaha and I only started driving on the right side/wrong side/ right side once.  So I'd say that is pretty good. Sister Scott was like crying in the back seat hahahahaha.  But I think that I will be taking my theory/written test pretty soon.  I'm actually not too sure.  But I think so.  But I can't even believe that I have been out for 6 months, its so crazy!!  Time is going by WAYYYYYY too fast.  It needs to slow down, I love my mission:)  Anyways.  L. is progressing so much, its amazing.  Now we just need to get her to church.  Sometimes people's agency makes me so mad.  And N is doing great as well.  he is down to only smoking 1 cigarette a day!  He is just so dang stubborn, and he refuses to pray about baptism haahaha.  He told us to call him 'uncle N' haha we were in stitches (another british phrase) laughing!!  He went with us to a baptism on friday night, and he really enjoyed it.  So hopefully soon the spirit will just overwhelm him!  We have been working with our investigator S-he is in his 20's, and is really succesfful and posh.  He is from Sudan, and he used to be Muslim, but about 7 years ago he just woke up and didn't believe anything that the islam faith teaches.  He is a security guard, and he just agrees with everything we say. haha.  He told us the other day-'Sisters, I have been trained my whole life to be able to read people's body language to tell if they are lying or telling the truth, and I'm going to tell you right now that I know 100% that you guys are telling me the truth'.  He's so great.  He is just also super busy with work.  Then there is M..  M. is our new investigator this past week.  He is about 40 years old, and he is going through tough time.  His wife passed away 1 year ago, and he has kinda let himself go.  He works at a charity shop in louth, and his boss is the one that referred him to us, although his boss isn't a member, just a former investigator.  He is great.  So sincere and so willing.  Things are going so great here in Louth.  If the rain would stop, I would definitely call it the promised land or Zion.  hahah I love you!! and I hope you all had a great valentines day!  you guys are great!!  Keep on keepin on ya'll!:)
Love, Sister Staheli

                                                       This is when it was flooding!

Sister Scott and I in our Flat

                                                          We have had so much rain!!!!!

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