Monday, February 24, 2014

 This week was a fast one as usual, gosh seriously time is freaking me out.  I feel like its sunday, then p-day every day!  Its really quite weird.  So where to start....
-Oh so good news is that we will be getting a car next week.  We won't have it for the whole week, we will share it with our zone leaders.  But we will have it for half of the week.  We will get it next week, and I'll be the driver.  Even though I don't have my official UK driving license yet, I am allowed to drive on my US license for the first year in the UK, so up until August I can drive without taking my test.  I will probably take my test in like 2 or 3 months, when I will have had a little bit more practice driving.  But I'm super stoked!!  haha it will be so great!! 
-L.  is so amazing!!  Seriously she is so great.  We taught her 2 times this past week.  She is just so receptive to the spirit and she is just so sincere.  We promised her that she would have her answer by March 7th.  And I know that she will.  She reads the Book of Mormon, and even better, she UNDERSTANDS the Book of Mormon.  And she asks great questions.  AND SHE DOESN'T LIVE WITH HER FIANCE.  She's like the only person in all of Britain to not live with her partner.  So YAY.  But on Saturday she came to a baptism in Grimsby, which is like an hour away from where she lives. And she drove herself there (Another plus is that she DRIVES, HAS HER OWN CAR, AND SHE WORKS), and she brought her mom.  Her mom's sister is a member and lives in Nephi utah, so she knows some of the church, but not that much.  But they both came to the baptism, and they really enjoyed it.  Our branch president took us, and so it was good to have him talk with them.  L. is so receptive to the spirit.  (She's only in her 20's btw).  When we went over to her house the other day, she was just telling us how she usually LOVES to watch scary movies, like really scarry and horrific type films, and she was going to flip one on, but then a thought just popped into her head that she didn't need to be watching those type of things, so she turned it off.!!!!  hahaha when she told us that we were like freaking out and we told her that it was the spirit!  She is amazing, plus she brought me a souveniour from harry potter world.:) :) :) :) :)
-Its been fantastic weather.  Its still pretty cold, but it has been relatively sunny this past week.  So that is so great. 
-We may have to drop our investigator M.  He is so great, but he is struggling a lot, and we are not sure if we can help him anymore.  We'll see. 
-The members here are great.  There is a family who has like 3 or 4 teenage less active boys, who are kinda punks...but they have us over for tea like every week, and every week they organize a badminton/volleyball night, and they just asked us to start coming to that because their sons will be there.  So that will be fun, I'm really excited for that!
-N.  is doing great, he is still struggling to fully give up smoking.  He has cut down to about 1 or 2 a day, but he is having a hard time giving it up completely. 
-There is an area in Louth that is super super super posh, and it looks like really old fashioned England.  And Sister Scott just loves going over there.  So finally we decided to just knock it.  Hahah so we blitzed a whole village in like 3 or 4 hours, and knocked every SINGLE house.  No one was interested, but haha it was fun.
-S.  is still doing great, he reads a ton, and is so spiritual.  We just need to get our investigators to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-This week is Zone Conferance, its on Wednesday, so I'm super pumped to see everyone!  Like the Allens, Sister Hedstrom, Sister B, Sister Beesley, and more!  I'm excited!  And because the public transport is awful here, we will be taking a 3 hour bus ride to Hull on tuesday night to spend the night with the Hull sisters so that we can get to Zone Conferance on Wednesday morning.  It will be great!!
-Happy Birthday dad!!  I hope you have a great Birthday!  You are the best dad!  Thank you so much for everything that you do.  You have been the greatest example, and you have shown me the way:)  I love you dad!  Have a great day!
Love you all! 
-Sister Staheli

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