Monday, December 16, 2013

Dec. 16, 2013

-So lets just start off by saying.....I'M TRAINING!!  Yep you got that right, on Tuesday night we were in a lesson with one of our new investigators Kennedy, and we got a phone call from President, and he was just calling to tell us that we were getting a new companion that we would be co-training, and that she would arrive in the morning.  So we were like freaking out cause its mid-transfer and we were so surprised.  Anyways, the next day at the mission tour ( mission conference where someone high up in the church comes and talks to us all day- this time it was someone from the area 70) we were sitting down and we were pumped, and then we got our new companion!  Her name is Sister B, and she is from MONGOLIA.  She just barely got out of the MTC, her english is getting there, and she looks like Mulan. :)  Anyways, she is so great, and it is really a great experience training someone.  It was a little stressful, cause Sister H has to go on exchange quite a bit, so she is like coming and going and coming and going all the time, and its hard to plan our crazy schedule around exchanges and train sister B (I can't really say it that great, so I just call her sister b hahahah).  Anyways, my bbg ( sister b cause she is my daughter) is hilarious.  She is great, and she has only been a member for 3 years.  She is amazing and I love her.
-The mission tour was amazing, it was so great and so inspired.  I love being a missionary!! 
-Here are some questions that you keep asking me mom, and I keep forgetting to answer you, haha so here they are:  Sister Pilkington is so sweet and nice, they are super busy with everything, but they are so amazing.  There are no homeless people here in England, because of the way that the government is set up.  Everyone gets benefits, even if they don't work and are immigrants.  So ya, no homeless people.  Majority of the buses are double decker buses, just like in HARRY POTTER, especially here in the city.  We usually ride buses, trams, and trains.  And thats all I can think of off the top of my head, so I hope that answers some questions mom.
-I have had a cold this week, so I haven't been feeling all that great.  i think its cause I'm kinda stresssed about training, plus its like freezing and the wind doesn't help.  But i think i should be getting over it soon.
-On Saturday we had our ward christmas party and it was a MIRACLE.  Listen to this!...So we had our investigator N come, and she came! #miracle.  We had our investigator H come, and we had a great lesson with the members with her, and the members LOVE HER. #miracle.  We had one of the less-active members that we have been working with-S- come and bring her daughter who is not yet a member, and they had a great time. #miracle.  One of the ward's recent converts brought her neighbor Jan who we have been working with a bit, and it was great, and she wants to see us this week. #miracle.  And last but not least, another less active woman came who we have been working with-T- and she brought her friends with her, and we have been talking with them a little.  And they told us to come by on Wednesday.  #OHMYGOSHITWASAMIRACLE.  But really, Heavenly Father blessed us so much this week, and so we have a lot of work that we have to do in the next few weeks!!!
-N is progressing so much its so great!  She is going to Spain for a week and half for the holiday., but she will get baptized on the 11th or something of January.  She's so great!!
-We went Caroling on Saturday morning with some other missionaries, and it was so much fun.  I mean I'm no singer, but it was so great!!  
-Today we are having a Zone Christmas party, and it should be great!!
-This Thursday we are having a mission Christmas party, so I'm pretty excited for that!
-FAMILY:  What time would be best to skype on Christmas?  Because of the time difference, it will probably be early in the morning for  you guys, but what would be the earliest that we could skype??  I'm excited to see your cute faces:)
-I think that I may want to be an English teacher when i go home, because I am teaching both of my companions the ways of English. :)
-Anyways, things are going so great here!!  I love Sheffield, and I love the ward that I am serving in, and I love training!!  Being a missionary is the best, especially during this Christmas season, I would want to spend it no other way then spreading the love of my Savior Jesus Christ.
  Anyways, I love you my dear family and friends, and I'm so grateful to be a part of God's kingdom here on Earth.  We are all so blessed.  Have a great week!

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