Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec. 9, 2013

Ho ho ho ho.  Today Sister H and I put up our Christmas tree, that Kim Wilson gave us.  Its so cute, and it looks like the one that Charly Brown has:)  Anyways.  Hello:)  How is my family and friends doing??  Man this week was crazy and cold hahah.  A good combo. :)
-So I have been totally trying to write this home to ya'll, cause I know how much you want to know about the words that they use here, but I usually forget.  But I wrote  them down this time, so I wouldn't forget.  okay lesson number 1: They use the words PROPER and RIGHT like all the time.  For example:  that presentation was RIGHT depressing.  next example: That picture is PROPER BRILLIANT.  I don't really know.  Haha but I think it is pretty catchy and I find myself saying them all the time now.  So there ya go dad.
-So a miracle happened this week, and its pretty funny.  So like 3 months ago we met this man in town, and his name was P.  He was pretty interested so we set up an appointment with him right then.  But he never showed.  Sister B and I waited for like 15 minutes and then we left.  So anyways we ran into him again last Sunday night, and he said that he was bummed cause he was late from work and he was like 20 minutes late to our appointment, but we weren't there.  So then we set up another appointment for Tuesday.  Anyways, haha he was like running to  our appointment cause he didn't want to miss us again.  Bless him.  And then he like really really really wanted to buy us something to eat for some reason.  But we told him we weren't hungry, and we just wanted to share our message with him.  Anyways, some how he convinced us to allow him to buy us some drinks, and he really wanted us to get coffee, and he was like super offended when we told him that we couldn't drink it.  Haha he is a great man, and we are meeting with him again on Tuesday for some more drinks.  He seems pretty interested.
-So I am not sure if I have told you about our new ward mission leader?  Anyways, his name is Roger Stanton, and he is super enthusiastic about missionary work.  Last time he was the ward mission leader he had 54 baptisms.  So ya.  But I came up with this idea where we get a picture of a ward member and their testimony of the Book of Mormon, and we hand it out with our Book of Mormon's.  And so Brother Stanton has gone crazy with the idea, and has made us like these laminated bookmark things.  They are super effective and really cool to hand out.  Great idea.  #pointtostaheli
-Oh yes mother and father, I got the fleece tights and under armour and the orange and the green scarf like 2 or 3 weeks ago, I just forgot to tell you.  They work great, and I'm obsessed.  I have to use them like every day:)  So thank you.  And also I recieved my Christmas package, and it took all the self control that I have not to open it, but I did.  And I'm proud of how strong I am. hahah jk.  But I just shoved it under my bed so I didn't have to look at it.  but I'm excited:)
-Oh yes mother this ones for you:  could you get into my gmail account and forward me any emails that seem important or that I'd like to have?  Thanks:)
-CHELSEA, ARE YOU OUT THERE??  This one is for you.  So the Allen's, their cousin was the Doctor at the Jerusalem center around 3 years ago.  And his name is Doctor Allen.  Is that when you were there?  If so, the Allen's were there the same time as you.
-Speaking of the Allen's.  They are great.  I love them so much, I feel like they are my 2nd parents, cause they are always feeding us and looking after us, and I just love them so much!!
-So I still go on exchanges with Sister G in Rotherham, her new companion is Sister S (she is from sweden as well).  And Sister B is training.
-The mission has now started handing out the Ensigns each month, so there is no more need to mail them to me any more.  Thanks though kim:)
-There was a HUGE rain/wind/rain/wind storm this week and it made it hard to go out.  A bunch of the buses stopped running cause it was so bad.  It was pretty fun. 
-So things with K have been a little hectic.  She is now back together with her partner, who is totally against the church.  And he is like possessive of her, so it makes it hard to see her regularly.  But she is still cutting down on smoking, and she should be ready to be baptized on the 28th of this month.
-N.  I don't know if I have told you about her.  She is one of our investigators that we have been teaching for a while now, and she is so accepting of everything that we teach.  She is amazing.  And she wants to get baptized on January 3rd.  
-M and A have been in Bradford all week, cause A family live up there.  But I still love them, and they are great.  And they have started a great relationship with Brother and Sister Wilson.
-Anyways, I am short on time today, but I love you all so much!!!  Things are going great here in Sheffield.  And its even better that its Christmas time.  What better way to spread Christmas cheer, then spreading a message of Jesus Christ?  I love you all and I want you all to know that I know that my Savior lives and that he died for us.  I love you!  Have a great week!

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