Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec. 2, 2013

Yo yo ho ho ho.  So this week was pretty great!  It flew by as usual, and it was pretty busy.  So i'll just get straight to it.  
-So i'd say that the biggest miracle that happened this week was yesterday at church.  So we have been working a couple named A and J (i'm not sure if I've told you about them or not?)  Anyways, A served a mission, but he has been less-active for a couple years now.  And he is living with his partner, J-who is an investigator.  Well we have been working with them for quite a long time now, with the Allens.  And they always tell us that they will come to church, and then they never do.  BUT last week, they both came so that was great!!!!  And so we weren't really expecting them to come this week, but just as Sacrament meeting was starting, in walks J.  We expected A to walk in beside her, but he didn't.  It was just her that came.  WHICH IS GREAT.  Cause we want her to find the gospel for herself, not for her partner.  So that was great.  And then the lesson in gospel principles class was on ETERNAL MARRIAGE hahahahahahahahaha so that was just what she needed.  Anyways, it was a miracle.
-K also came to church, and it was great.  She has picked Christmas day as the last day for her to smoke.  She has already cut in half the amount she smokes per day.  But i'm a little worried, cause she just got back together with her old partner (the one who hates us and looked up a bunch of anti-mormon stuff online, and he thinks we are a cult) So i'm a tad worried, but I know it will all work out.
-M and A, are doing so so so great.  We had a great lesson with them this week on the Plan of Salvation.  Which was really important to them.  I'm not sure how much you know about Hindu's, I still don't know all that much, but Ido know that they believe in reincarnation, so it was a really spiritual lesson, and they had a ton of questions about the animals and spirits and resurrection and stuff.  I don't know how well we answered all their questions, but they are great.  They have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, and they read all the chapters in the Book of Mormon that we leave for them.  And I honestly just love them so much!!  Seriously. 
-The Allen's are awesome, they bought me a new watch cause mine broke:)
-So it was thanksgiving this week, and we had like a brunch meal at Brother Stanton's house (he is our new ward mission leader, and he is great) and so he fed us some turkey.  But then we had like a super crazy crazy day and so we didn't have time to go back to our flat and get some food, so we decided to just try one of the dodgy little restraunts.  So Sister H wanted to try some chinese, and it looked pretty good so we did.  But it gave me food poisoning:(  At least I think it did, cause it kept me up all night throwing up.  I am not sure what it was, but the next day I felt great, and I feel just fine now,  but ya no more chinese for me. 
-Since we are the only missionaries living downtown in Sheffield, we meet soooooooomany chinese students, and we keep hooking up the Chinese speaking sisters with refferals.  They are great, and one of them this week asked to have her picture taken with me. :)
-I have been thinking about my mission so far and kinda reminiscing a bit, and I have learned so much!!!  I really have learned more than I ever thought that I could.  So much about myself and about my Savior.  But I have kinda narrowed it down to 2 major things that I've learned so far. 
1.  I have learned what kind of role this gospel will play throughout the rest of my life. 
2.  I have learned what kind of role I play in this gospel, and will play throughout the rest of my life.  

This gospel is so important, and it is the only thing that we can really count on in this life.  Our Savior Jesus Christ has given us all the ingredients to receive exaltation.  Its up to us whether or not we are going to act with the ingredients we have received.  Keep going, and in this Christmas season, go to the temple: :) :) :) :)
-Sister Staheli

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