Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 1 , 2014

Hey hey hey! 
 So another transfer has come and gone, and it is blowing my mind how fast my mission is passing by!  I have already been out for 7 1/2 months!  It is so crazy, and I just love it here in England!  So the big news is.......We get to stay together for another month and work here in Louth!  It was actually a huge surprise to both of us.  We both thought that one of us would leave, but we are both stoked to be able to serve together for another transfer.  Next transfer is only 5 weeks long, so it will fly by anyways.  But yeah i'm really excited for  this next transfer. 
 We have been finding a lot of potential investigators and we have 2 good solid investigators.  So I'm excited to just hit the ground running hard for this next transfer.  And it will be kind of fun, because my friend from high school-Elder Hilyard will be my zone leader.  But this week was a good one.  Same old same old haha, But it was good.  We had a lot of funny experiences.  And we were lucky enough to have the car for 3 days, so that was great.  I feel a lot more comfortable driving now than I did earlier.  Its not that bad afterall!  Plus now that transfers are over, I will be scheduling a day to take my test in like the next 2 or so weeks.  I just need to get it over with.  But with the car we were able to see a less active family, that literally lives in the middle of nowhere!  They live in the tiniest village.  It took us forever to find it with all of these tiny little roads.  So we got there at like 7:40, and we get inside and they had made us dinner.  It would have been fine, except we had just eaten dinner at our branch president's home, and it was a typical english feast.  Oh my gosh my stomach hurt so bad.  I seriously couldn't sleep because it hurt so bad.  There was nothing that we could do, we just have to shut up and eat it.  hahaha.  Thats the one down side of being a missionary,  I CAN'T CONTROL WHAT I  EAT.  The people are REALLY NICE and just want to feed us! !!!!! haha.  But it was good.  It was mothers day for England yesterday, so it made me think of my own mom and my sisters, and how excited I am to skype with ya'll in just over a month:)  L is doing good!  And we are starting to work with her mom a little bit as well.  It looks like she is set on having her baptism in June- we think it is a replacement for her wedding which was supposed to be in June-But we will just continue to try and help her feel more ready.  We are still working with the branch and trying to strengthen them as much as we can.  Things are great, and I'm excited to get hard to work here in Louth!!!!!  I hope you all have a great week:)
Sister Staheli

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