Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hey, Hey Hey. Mar. 24, 2014

Hey hey hey ya'll!! 
 Okay so this week was a good one, Sister Scott and I have been sick again this week.  Well actually Sister Scott has been sick for like months now, so I forced her to go to the doctor on Friday, because its not normal to be sick for that long, and they took her blood and gave her some anti-biotics to help her clear it up.  Hopefully we can both finally get over this dang cold. haha.  But it was a good week.  It was raining for most of the week, and it even snowed yesterday.  But the good news from this week is that N is really really progressing!  It is really amazing to see how he has come.  He is still smoking, but he is so funny.  Since N LOVES to talk and he just talks so much, we have been trying a new way of teaching him.  We have been teaching him off of the mormon.org videos, (if you haven't seen them, they are GREAT), and we have just been doing it principle by principle, so that we can cover it all.  But it has been working!  And he has been reading the book of mormon for real this time, so thats fantastic!  And everytime we talk about transfers (They are next week by the way, so my p-day won't be until tuesday), he gets like super super sad and tells us that he really hopes that he can get baptised before we both leave.  And he has told that to members that he talks to in town as well.  And when we mentioned transfers yesterday he was like in denial about it and then told us that if we got transfered that we'd have to keep in touch, and then he said like the cutest/saddest prayer, and it like broke my heart!!!  So 'Uncle Nl', is doing really good!!  
L is doing well too!   She is still having a hard time giving up tea, people here are literally obsessed with their tea.  But I think she is really buckling down and getting to it now.  Her new date for baptism is April 11th, and so I'm really hoping that both Sister Scott and I will be able to go to it!  But yeah the branch loves her.  Speaking of the branch....So by May, there will have been like 15 active members that will have moved away.  Its crazy, so the branch is like in freak out mode because they are losing so many people.  So Sister Scott and I are a little stressed, but we are doing our best.  Things are great!  And we are working with a ton of less active members at the moment, and it seems to be paying off.  When we went to visit one less active member, she told us that she has 5 families that she wants us to teach, because she taught them the 10 commandments, just like we taught her, and they were interested.  So we were pretty happy, because of course we would love to teach 5 families.  Also, this same less active woman taught us both how to knit, so in all of our free time-since we have so much of it-we are now knitting. :)  Anyways, I love you all , and I hope you have a great week!  Also, Happy Birthday shout out to my big sister Chels!!  Love ya sis!!  Have a great week!:)
Sister Staheli

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