Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Easter,April 24, 2014

Hey there family!! 
 I hope you all had a great time in St. George for Easter, the pictures looked like you guys had fun:)  And like it was very warm.  haha.  This week has been so great!  And sorry for the late email, but it was a bank holiday yesterday so like everything was shut down.  So we are emailing today.  But I guess the highlight of this week is definitely S.  Oh my gosh she is so amazing!!  ahahaha and she is just so funny!  So we have worked with her a ton this weekend, and she is so excited for her baptism on May 9th.  She has a smoking problem, but she is so dedicated to stopping that she is getting professional help for it.  Which is the first person that I've worked with to actually do that.  She is also reading, she just finished reading 2 Nephi.  On Sunday night she came to a baptism in Grimsby (since we don't meet in a chapel, whenever there are baptisms for anyone-children included-we have to go to Grimsby).  So a little girl from our branch was getting baptized, so she came and she LOVED it!!  Oh my gosh it was such a great night!!  She was like almost in tears after she watched the actual baptism.  And then afterwards she was talking with like EVERYONE and she kept telling everyone that she would be joining us on May 9th.  And then she asked President Ogramm (our branch president) to baptize her.  hahaha she is sooooooo funny, and she is so solid and so prepared.  When we teach her she always uses the phrase-'ya, this rings true somehow!'.  And its true!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is something that is instilled inside all of us.  That desire and that hunger to know more is something that is with us ever since we lived with our Father in Heaven before this life.  We have all heard it before and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way back.  Its a way of life.  And thats what S is learning.  The members are doing a really good job fellowshipping her!  She's is so excited to join and also to go through the temple!  she is hilarious, I wish you guys could meet her!!!  
And also we found a new investigator this week, his name is A, and he is so great!  He was a referral from a Less Active member (who is trying so hard to come back)- Brother I.  And he came to the baptism as well.  He really enjoyed it and asked us for a book of mormon right there.  We will be meeting with him this week, and he said his mom is also interested.  So we are pretty excited!  Things are looking so great for our area, and I know that these prepared people will be baptized soon!!!  I am feeling loads better as well, so you guys can all relax now:)  The medicine is doing well, and Sister Pilkington gets mad at me if I'm not taking proper time to rest.  So don't worry, I feel loads better, and Sister Scott and I are finally feeling healthy:)  We had the car this week, and so we were able to go by some less actives in weird villages.  One of which was deaf, so I was trying to use my broken sign language to communicate, but then I realized that American sign language is different than British sign language.  But it turned out alright!  It was a good week, and the weather is looking up as well!  We are trying to ween ourselves off of tights, because we are addicted.  But it is hard.  Anyways, I  love you all so much, and I hope that you guys have a great week!  Love you!
Sister Staheli

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