Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hey I hope that you guys have had a great week! 
 This week nothing really new happened, but it went by pretty fast.  It was pretty rainy this week, BUT all of the flowers and trees have blossomed, and so it is so beautiful!!  Really, it is so pretty everywhere.  All of the green fields have now turned to just yellow flowers.  It looks like the scene in The Wizard of Oz when she is running through the yellow fields.  Seriously, when you are out in the country, all you can see for miles is just yellow fields.  Its beautiful.  It really makes me so grateful to be serving here. 
 This week we have been working alot with Less Actives and with N.  On thursday we went on splits with the branch missionaries and we went and visited some of the less actives that we can't get to without a car, so that was really effective.  N is progressing so much.  N really really wants to get baptized while both Sister Scott and I are here, and he knows that one of us will leave in a few weeks, so he is really trying to get there.  We have set a date for him to stop smoking by, and then if he can do that, then he will be baptized on May 3rd.  So we are really really working with him.  He hasn't liked any of the other sisters, and he refused to take the lessons from them, but for some reason, he likes us and he is actually accepting the lessons that we teach him hahahaha.  He is so funny.  He is like obsessed with books.  So he will always be buying us books about things that we like from the charity shop, even though he knows that we aren't allowed to read them. He wants us to take them home and read them when we get home.  Hahaha.  Like yesterday, he bought me a book, I forgot the name, but its the book that J.K Rowling wrote right after Harry Potter.  Bless him, he is so funny.  But yeah, I have faith that he can stop smoking, and I really do think that he will get baptized this transfer.  
We were able to watch the Women's Conference and the first 3 sessions of General Conference this weekend.  We had to go to the Grimsby chapel and watch them, (it is a new rule by President Pilkington that we had to watch conference at the chapel), and so we were there like all of Saturday and Sunday, because we wouldn't have had enough time to travel home anyways.  But they were so good!!  Really, it blew my mind as usual!  I'm excited to finish watching the last session.  It makes me so excited to go home and actually go to the conference center.  All of the talks were great, but I especially liked the one by Elder Oaks about obedience, Elder Uchtdorf about gratitude, and the ones about becoming true Disciples of Jesus Christ.  We all need to realize that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to enable all of us to act.  To become more like Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father is the purpose of our life on earth.  If we are not progressing and consistently trying to emulate Christlike attributes, then we are doing nothing but hurting ourselves.  I know that Christ lives.  I know that President Thomas S. Monson is God's true spokesman and prophet on the earth today.  We, as members of Christ's true church have a responsibility to act.  We have the happiness that others can't even imagine of.  We need to defend our faith and rise to the occasion.  God needs all of us now.  My name is McKell Staheli, and I stand for Jesus Christ.
I hope that you guys have a great week!
Sister Staheli

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