Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2014- mother's day

Hey there!  
Oh my goodness it was so good to see you all yesterday on Skype for Mother's day!  It made me so happy!!!  I have been replaying it over and over in my head ever since!  It was great!!  And  I hope that you had a good mothers day (mom, and my sisters).  But this week was a good one, we got loads of stuff done! 
 So for starters, we now have the car permanently which is so good!  It has already helped out our area so much!  We had to take a 3 hour bus ride to Hull to get it, but it was well worth it.  So that also means that I'm getting a lot more practice driving, which will help me prepare for my test.  But I'll start with my investigators:  A is doing so good!  He is really so motivated, and he is funny.  He has done a lot of things in his life.  He used to work for a record company, he used to be a professional guitarist, he used to be a teacher, and now he is a counsellor for people with addictions.  He is really progressing so much.  He came to church again yesterday, and he received a blessing from our branch president, and his  friend Bro I.  Which is so good.  They are both progressing together.  S is doing great, she is just going to take things a little slower.  She's having a hard time giving up smoking..................But she's just taking small and simple steps.  N is doing good.!  But yeah.  My investigators are my life, and so my life is great!  haha. 
 But I had some stuff to tell you guys yesterday but I totally forgot, so I'll just tell you now!  So there are some things that I thought you guys would like to know that are very unique to English people.  First is their dogs.  People here LOVE their dogs.  Its crazy.  They love their dogs more then they love their children.  And that's not an exaggeration.  It will be pouring rain, and they will still make sure their dogs get 3 walks a day.  Its weird.  Do you remember those weird pajama's that are onesies?  Yeah...well, they are like in trend over here.  They are completely normal, and practically everyone owns one.  People wear them to the shops.  People dress their kids in them.  They love their onesies.  Sister S and I finally caved and bought one, hahah.  And the  next one is just a word that everyone here uses.  CHAV.  It is used to describe like white trash or ghetto or like a punk.  But England is CHUCK FULL of them.  It is an acronym for  C-Counsell H-Housed A-and V-Violent.  hahahah so you guys can figure out what that means. 
  But I love you guys and I am starting to like the rain, since it has been raining since May started.  But things are great!!  Also, I was wondering...Could you have Kwin sing that Babylon song onto the recorder?  I loved it!  Okay thanks!!  I love you guys, have a great week!!!
Sister Staheli:)
P,S.  As soon as I get my replacement camera I'll send some more pictures.

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